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The Business Behind the Business

• Have you already written the book, created the course, or
   become certified but now feel lost when it comes to launching
   you / your product in a big way that really makes an impact?

• Are you ready to share your gifts and talents with the world?

• Do you struggle to be financially successful—even though
   you have a powerful message and/or product?

• Do you feel frustrated when you see other people—who
   you know aren't as talented or committed as you are—making
   more money, garnering more new clients, or getting more
   recognition than you?

• Are you tired of working so hard yet not reaping the financial

• Are you ready to start working smarter (instead of harder)
   to take your career to the highest level of success?
Catapult your career!
Contact S.W.A.T.
schedule a time  to chat with one of our Admission Advisors!
From the desk of Crystal Andrus
Founder of The S.W.A.T. Institute

I remember when I first started my business, I had this huge dream (not to mention, I believed in that dream and in myself) … but I had no idea where to start. I needed so much help but I was confused, scared, broke, and didn't even know how to ask intelligent business questions—or who to ask them to.

If this is you: You have never been in business before or have never been in this particular industry … it's okay!

My team at The S.W.A.T. Institute and I have created a specialized course called,
"The Business Behind the Business Program" that will teach you everything you need
to master the business side of turning your passion into profits. It is now available to every woman who needs help launching and growing her unique brand/business.

I know it will take some courage to reach out to us, but I want to promise you that
we will do whatever we can to help give you the support, information, and clarity you have been hoping for to allow you to get your message out to the world.

I know first-hand what it feels like to have a dream so big (I still have huge dreams!!) … so I don't want you to even consider allowing your dreams to pass you by because of confusion on how to make this happen … or because of a lack of support in your life.

Contact S.W.A.T.
"The Business Behind the Business Program" is designed to save you time and money. We are committed to reducing your learning curve, and to make it easy to access what originally took me thousands of hours ... and dollars ... to master.

Unlike many self-paced, business training courses,"The Business Behind the Business Program" will provide you with interactive professional support and constant accountability. We're there every step of the way as you begin to develop your own brand, niche, demographics, psychographics, messaging, social media, e-commerce website, blog, marketing campaigns, list size, e-zines, courses and talks, into a concise and clear business plan. We then teach you how to launch your product or business garnering the full gamut of media support, press, collaboration, and partnerships.

I have the information you need, the tools and the support to help you make your dream a reality, in less time, with less money and less stress. You owe it to yourself to at least reach out to learn more.

I know it will take some courage to book a call to speak with one of my Admission Advisors about where you are at with your business, but they are here to support you! Don't be embarrassed or afraid. We want you to succeed. We're not going to test you on your business knowledge or make you feel inadequate. In fact, we are going to help you understand the foundation of what will work for you! We're coaches that are excited about coaching you into your greatness!

Won't you take 20 minutes and invest in your business? Won't you take 20 minutes and invest in yourself?

Click below to book your FREE, No Obligation appointment today.
Share Your Gift with the World
Contact S.W.A.T.
Share Your Gift with the World
Contact S.W.A.T.
Share Your Gift with the World


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