Gestalt Tools for Empowerment

From the desk of Jan Deelstra, a Featured Partner of The SWAT Institute:

Enlightenment through gestalt techniques (those tools once reserved for professionals) is possible! And living a fulfilled life is your responsibility!

Life is meant to be richly lived. You can, and you should, have it all, whatever all is as defined by you.

You create your life with:

  • action/inaction
  • decision/indecision
  • reaction/response
  • awareness/ignorance
  • consciousness/unconsciousness
  • positive affirmations/negative affirmations

Gestalt is about noticing and accepting your whole/gestalt self. When you are aware of what’s keeping you stuck, gestalt is the way to release the hold. Once those shackles are released, Gestalt is also the way to fill the resultant vacuum with positive vibrational frequencies so that you now attract positive experiences.

If you are experiencing a life of lack, you owe it to yourself to mindfully change your course, and redirect your life onto the path of wholeness as per the miracle of gestalt.

When you are ready to make the choice to really live life, and not simply exist in the status quo, gestalt can lead you on the journey.

Gestalt can show you how to create that life of your dreams, to create abundance, to live in the feeling of freedom and fulfillment.

Gestalt can show you how to interpret your dreams and nightmares so you’ll never again have a dream you don’t understand, and from which you glean information!

Gestalt shows you how to enrich your life and your relationships thru clear and honest assertive (as opposed to aggressive or passive) communication.

Gestalt provides the tools to release victim or victimizer behavior.

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~Ahimsa~As always with love, light and gratitude,

Jan Deelstra
Featured Partner of The SWAT Institute
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With a background in social issues, Deelstra has championed diverse populations for over twenty-five years, providing self-esteem bolstering gestalt techniques to members of society. She teaches and writes in the vein of gestalt self-awareness, artfully bridging the waters of psychology and metaphysics.

Deelstra is the author of nonfiction works, most notably: Blessings in the Mire: A True Story of Miracles & Recollections, and Escaping the Chrysalis: Gestalt Tools for Transformation into Divine Wholeness.

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