My Dark Nights of the Soul

The manuscript of my newest book, On the Edge, had been written for well over a year, sitting on a shelf in my office, collecting dust. It was my life’s story but I was too fearful to publish it. What will people think of me?  What will my mother do? Will she destroy me? Can […]


Keyword: Truth

I’m leading a 12-Week “Lose Weight; Feel Great” Program called Simply…Woman. We have a private Facebook group where we keep each other motivated and accountable. (Note: It’s not too late to join in. There is no cost for the book, group, or journey. Just click here!) Anyway, we’re in Week Five of our 12-Week Journey […]


We need to build bridges, not walls

I recently saw a social media post that read: Thinking of your child as behaving badly disposes you to think of punishment. Thinking of your child as struggling to handle something difficult encourages you to help them through their distress. When someone behaves ‘badly’ (the key word here ‘badly’), you’ve made a judgment about them […]


Tikkun Olam – The Healing of our World is Finally Happening

What happened last week in the United States of America had to happen. I finally see that, one week later. The fear. The panic. The tears. The cheering. The protests. The split. The division. The contrast. I ‘see’ that now. For those that are still caught emotionally in the rumbling, the thing to remind your […]


The Reason Trump Won

The American election may be over, but our work has only just begun. For the last year, I sounded the horn. I told horrible stories of abuse and injustice from my past just to try to WAKE PEOPLE UP. I brought light to so many stories of sexual abuse; domestic violence and the abuse of […]


“We have much bigger challenges to face than if ‘the Donald’ grabbed women’s crotches.”

My dearest friend, Never have I written publicly about my sexual assaults in this way. But here it is. I can’t be silent any longer: I was stranger raped at 14. I was a virgin; dragged behind a bush one night and raped. I was also raped every night for three months when I was […]


Success can work against you and your desire to be happy. Here’s why….

I never knew how much success drove me all of my life. Success at work. Success making money. Success amongst my peers. Accomplishments. Achievements. Respect. That’s what success gave to me: Respect! Success is a badge of status for many of us. So much so that our need to appear ‘polished, together, accountable, responsible, accomplished’ […]


When Momma Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy

One of the most amazing parts of my life comes from my job…my career…my purpose; that is how I am able to help a woman who is unhappy, perhaps even desperately unhappy to find relief, solutions, answers, and eventually joy and peace of mind. No matter what Momma’s struggling with whether it’s her marriage, career, […]

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