The 12-Week Emotional Edge TeleCourse


The 12-Week Emotional Edge TeleCourse is the S.W.A.T. Institute's flagship course, taught by our founder, Crystal Andrus Morissette. It begins May 3rd! The benefits are innumerable: Discover Your Emotional Age, Ignite Your Hidden Strengths, and Reroute Misdirected Fear to Live Your Fullest. Sign up today and save $100 off the regular price. There is a full, 30-day money back guarantee if you aren't 100% happy.

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May 3, 2017
12 weeks


Crystal Andrus Morissette
Crystal Andrus Morissette
Founder of The S.W.A.T. Institute, International Bestselling Author

Enjoy Week One of our past January TeleCourse with Crystal Andrus Morissette (above).

Get Ready for a Brand-New, Knock-Your-Socks-Off, 12-Week Emotional Edge TeleCourse! Starts May 3rd!

During this LIVE VIDEO ZOOM 12-Week Emotional Edge TeleCourse that starts Wednesday, May 3rd, you will learn how to: 

  • open and heal your heart so you can have fulfilling relationships
  • understand why you ‘shut down’ in the first place and heal the original wound–the source of your suffering
  • make friends with yourself which will help you find real and authentic friendships
  • stop being triggered by the behaviors of others, while setting boundaries that will improve your life
  • find peace of mind (peace within) by looking within versus ‘out there for the answers’
  • understand and climb the Empowerment Spectrum which will help you feel more empowered in your communication and negotiation
  • recognize ‘who’ your Dominant Emotional Archetype or ‘ego’ is: the Parent, the Child, or the Adult, (also known as your persona or personality) which will help you better understand HOW and WHY you’ve been showing up the way you do
  • identify and learn from your Submissive Emotional Archetype or ‘shadow’ — the hidden part of you that is sabotaging things in your life, unconsciously–and integrate it back into the wholeness of who you are
  • reroute fear and anger into jet-fuel for your success
  • transcend the part of you who is not okay
  • access your Real Self = FREEDOM
  • discover what forgiveness feels like so that you can set your Self free (this process is for YOU) while learning how to protect yourself against further suffering or abuse
  • integrate your light and your shadow into the wholeness of who you are in a way never before taught which will bring you so much personal freedom
  • create your own “Tikkun Olam”– the repairing of the world — the repairing of YOUR world
  • embrace a more empowered future and create a life you love

The live weekly video Zoom classes are incredible! Crystal leads spiritual self-help in a magical fun way—some call it a practical new psychology.

Participants overcome behavioral ruts and engage the world from a happier, more empowered place. 

The ‘aha’ moments are palpable! You will be amazed at how easy and efficient Crystal’s approach is! 

Crystal is so funny, intelligent, captivating, real, authentic, charismatic, and passionate. She shows up every week and creates a sacred space for great healing and coaching for all her students.

It’s amazing to not only witness but also to participate!

You will use exercises, meditations, and paradigm-shifting anecdotes to create a healthier self-perception, and from there will discover new ways to face life with a happier and more favourable outlook.


Working the Process

It’s the gentle tension of your muscles pulling and pushing against any binding that’s holding you back.
It’s the gentle nudge of your gut telling you to keep working this process until you find the way free.
It’s the gentle encouraging words you hear when your reach your limit and frustration kicks in.
It’s the louder voice asking you “Have you really addressed this?”
It’s the voice of your heart saying “Keep going”
It’s the roar of a Warrior preparing to fight.
It’s the whisper of your Wallflower saying “we can do this”
It’s the sing song tone of the Inner Child saying “Don’t quit”
It’s the rumble of the Busy Bee checking for any way to get this done.
It’s the mantra of the Martyr saying “You all go ahead, I’ll take care of it.”
It’s the voice of the Victim saying “It’s not my problem”
It’s the Archetype Team fighting with you while your little friend Ego says “I’m fine, I don’t need help”

It’s the WOMAN saying – It’s time to take care of me.

~ Elizabeth Cowie


Included in The 12-Week Emotional Edge TeleCourse  is:

  • 18 hours of live VIDEO calls – chat with Crystal directly or be a fly on the wall
  • Recording of all calls that are downloadable so you can watch or listen over and over
  • Continuous communication with Crystal and your other sojourners via our private Facebook forum
  • The Emotional Age Quiz to assess where you (or others) are in terms of their emotional empowerment
  • The Empowerment Spectrum – a tool designed to help you understand your level of communication, consciousness, and empowerment
  • The Emotional Sub-Archetypes – enjoy learning about the 20+ different Emotional Archetypes people use to negotiate (sometimes, manipulate) their relationships
  • Powerful meditations and guided visualizations designed to shift you to the highest levels of empowerment
  • A private Facebook group to share, celebrate and commiserate with other like-minded women also participating in the course
  • A complete understanding of who you are, why you’ve done what you’ve done, and how you can do it differently
  • Be paired up with a Study Buddy — another person who will hold you accountable
  • Witness Crystal coaching different people, using a variety of interventions taught in our S.W.A.T. Empowerment Coach Certification


It may sound too good to be true, but once you understand your Emotional Age and apply Crystal’s processes, you will feel like the captain of your ship, the master of your destiny, and the best part, you’ll become your own best friend!




Crystal Andrus Morissette brilliantly explains how our attempts to bottle up feelings of shame, guilt, blame, denial, fear, and anger trigger us to contract into the smallness of who we become when we aren’t our authentic Self. By utilizing Emotional Archetypes to explain the wounded parts of our psyche, she offers prescriptive techniques that bring about the healing process. This is truly a masterpiece! I’m sure my sister, Debbie, would be most pleased and proud of you, Crystal!”

Arielle Ford, the #1 bestselling author of Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate



I have been actively excavating my soul for twenty-four years. I have engaged in many modalities along the way in the hopes of finding something that goes deep into the heart and assists in my living a powerful and authentic life.

As a therapeutic practitioner who deals specifically with healing inner monologues and destructive behaviours that sabotage our peace, I am truly impressed with the work that Crystal has developed.

This 12-Week TeleCourse, along with my own work, has taken my healing to another level. Crystal’s ability to strip away the ‘stories’ to get straight to the issues, is astounding. She is one of the most real and compassionate people I have ever come across. I trust her and her work implicitly.”

~ Sophia Losinski, author of Into My Wings and Hey! It’s Me, Sophie, Progressive Neural Resolution Therapist (PNRT), Soul Practitioner



After years of working with some of the most beautiful women in the world, I know first-hand there is a special energy or essence certain women embody. Crystal Andrus Morissette writes about it so perfectly in her powerful new book, The Emotional Edge. It’s where true beauty comes from … but it is about far more than just ‘being beautiful’. Crystal’s work is designed to help every woman become the greatest expression of her Self, to create her best life, to let go of beliefs and fears no longer serving her, and to know her true authentic self. The Emotional Edge is a must-read if you want to embody the beauty and strength of Woman Energy!”

Margot Boccia, A-List Celebrity Make-up Artist to Kate Beckinsale, Eva Mendes, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Gardner



Take the Emotional Age Quiz featured
 on three times in 2016!


This course normally sells for $399 Canadian >>>
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What a great adventure it has been. Although I did not have the chance to be in the calls ‘live’ because of the time difference and my new job, I have felt a strong connection to this amazing pack. I have been so blessed and am so thankful for being a part of this great journey with all of you. Beautiful Crystal, you are an amazing person, Angel, Goddess. You have truly touched my soul and helped me change my life for the better forever. If you would not have accepted me to join the course as the first male participant, I would still be stuck and lost in the old patterns of my life, my gold covered with the debris that all the people and events dumped on me while I was giving away my power. And now, instead my life is on track, I’m ‘in the flow’ and on top of that I am engaged to my lovely girl and we will be getting married next year!

I wish every person, women and men could take this journey once in their lives. I know for sure that you are right by saying that the women of the Western world will be the ones that will heal the world and bring peace to everyone. The more women you can reach the quicker this will happen. I think it would help if also some more men out there would become truly empowered and make way for more women empowerment, it would create a strong current. Although some might think I was already more enlightened then the next guy that I entered this course, I can assure you (/have to admit) that I was not. But with all that I have learned here, not just for me but mainly from all these amazing posts here by so many of you courageous women, I have become more enlightened, spiritual and mindful of what is going on in this world. The world will never look the same again to me.

In honor of Crystal and all of you courageous women, I will spread the word of this ‘secret sisterhood’ and will encourage women (and men!) to join and I have purchased 4 more copies of the book to give to those who are keen to learn more about it. For now this was my second course and I have come a long way. I am not there yet but I am heading where I want to be, determined and with a steady pace. I will miss hanging out here with you all but I am sure we will keep in touch or meet (again) some day, in this or any next life. I will not be joining the upcoming may course but will keep up doing the work in the mean while. I will miss you, miss this, I will hold space for you all.

Much love! Shine on sister!

~ Harald van der Meij


What makes the 12-Week TeleCourse so much more powerful than just reading the book?

While reading The Emotional Edge book is a great start, having the ongoing support, communication, connection, and coaching directly from Crystal and all your other sojourners in our private FB form takes this process to a whole new level.

The safe place Crystal creates for sharing, caring, validating and witnessing is beyond powerful. If having a one-on-one ‘study buddy’ is better for you, we also provide this too! We are not meant to be alone, and in fact, it is impossible to heal alone. We are pack animals and need each other! This is an important aspect of the healing process. Believe us when we say, Crystal doesn’t read from the book which is why each TeleCourse she teaches is so unique and empowering. She is wildly intuitive and fierce in her love for all her students. She is the real deal in healing!

Crystal has coached everyone from A-list celebrities to stay-at-home moms. She understands women (she actually understands men, too, which is why her work has helped save many marriages!). Here are a few testimonials from real women who have taken this course:


The Emotional Edge book is life changing on it’s own but doing the course with the other women is nothing short of miraculous. Crystal shares many pearls of wisdom and somehow it is just what I needed to hear at that moment. Crystal and the other women in the course are so supportive and caring while uncovering each layer in my process. There is nothing like The Emotional Edge journey.

~ Samantha Vidal



Crystal knows women!

Never before have I learned more about my own behaviour and why things have gone awry in my relationships, career, and home life.  I now understand when I am in Daughter Energy vs Mother Energy, and the how the world responds to me at those times. Crystal has laid out the path for me to become the Empowered Adult Archetype, fully in my WOMAN Energy. From this place, all things are possible for me!

The Emotional Archetypes Crystal has created will transform the way women look at themselves, heal them themselves, and give them a choice for how they will show up in the world.”

~ Sandra Elia



I have taken Crystal’s Emotional Edge Telecourse several times. When I first started the course I was struggling with healing events of my life. Crystal’s course encourages you to go further. When you do the work, each week for 12 weeks you will begin to see a transformation. This couse gives you a sisterhood of women, a safe place and a voice that will be heard and then you will become a gift for other women.

~ Angela D’Amico



I’ve spent today reflecting on the past 12 weeks.

Crystal Andrus Morissette I am not sure you are ever going to understand where I started this process from. You have referred to the dark nights of the soul. I was having dark days and nights. I wallowing in my life and wondering if I deserved to take up space in others lives. I was emotionally depleted, battered and miserable.

I have spent this course diligently chipping the clay, sweeping away the dirt, blowing off the dust and polishing the tarnished bits. I may not be the Golden Buddha, but my god, I’m the glossy, sparkly me. I may still be a little dull right now, I’m walking this journey like Bambi walking on ice, but I’m moving forward.

I love the video element. I can sit and look at a beautiful caring human being that wants me to become the gold. That person talks through me, not just to my ears, but also to the damaged part of me. You have helped me find ways to repair my broken heart, hollow heart, and fragmented emotions.

I wish I could put you in front of every struggling young woman I’ve ever met, to guide them and help mold them into the future goddesses we need in this world.

You are awemazing. I love your spirit, your heart and I love your coaching.

~ Elizabeth Cowie

beautiful woman

More of what you’ll learn:

  • Whether you’re a Parent, Child, or Adult ‘Archetype’—take the Emotional Age Quiz (as featured on three times in three months! )
  • How your perception of the past is dictating your choices in the present
  • How to access all your emotions–particularly anger and fear–so that you can channel them into jet-fuel for your happiness & success
  • When you’re inadvertently sabotaging yourself and why
  • How your unconscious thoughts, fears, and guilt are driving 90 percent of your choices–automatically and without rational reason
  • Why certain people trigger you so badly and how to change the dynamics of that relationship
  • How to heal the ‘inner battle’ within so you can make peace with yourself
  • To release stored emotional energy that may be imploding on you causing you to be sick or exhausted
  • How to detect when you’re around other people who are attempting to take your power from you
  • How to shift all your relationships to their highest and greatest good
  • What love looks, sounds, and feels like within your body
  • How to connect with your gut instinct or intuition more easily (and how to know if it’s your intuition versus your fear)
  • Empowered Communication — How to change your communication style from passive or aggressive to assertive, accepting, and ultimately peaceful
  • How to channel fear and anger into courage and willingness
  • To improve all your relationships — beginning with the one you have with your Self
  • Heal your childhood wounds that are unconsciously influencing many of your choices
  • To own your story, so it doesn’t own you
  • Methods for fine-tuning into your unique needs mentally, emotionally, and physically
  • Ways to live your best life without guilt, shame, or blame
  • To integrate your Wounded Self with your Real Self so you’ll feel ‘whole’. This is also known as ‘healing the split’.
  • How your love life — sex and intimacy — reflects your Dominant Emotional Archetype and how to improve things in the bedroom, starting with you
  • And lastly, how to rewrite and re-route your relationship, work, and bliss paths



Crystal Andrus Morissette is an educator in the true sense of the word. She seeks to draw out of people, especially women, the best of them – their emotional, intellectual, and spiritual power, beauty and truth. The Emotional Edge is a rare feast, one in which Ms. Morissette not only guides us to and through our own limits, fears and beliefs, but one in which she walks along side of us, sharing her own story from denial and abuse to her own voice, truth, and purpose. The book begins with her earliest insight – ‘I just want to be empowered.’ She has not only succeeded personally, but as a truly empowered human being, she inspires the rest of us to do the same. What is the essence of the truth she carries and transmits, ‘We women are going to help heal the world.’ Reward yourself by taking the journey of The Emotional Edge!”

~ David Bedrick, J.D., author of Talking Back to Dr. Phil: Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology



The Emotional Edge is a wake-up call for anyone who is ready to step out of the limitations of their life and into their infinite possibilities. Exceptionally compelling . . . Crystal Andrus Morissette delivers insight and interventions that are more than simply helpful; they are life-changing in their clarity and wisdom.

~ Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., New York Times Bestselling Author



With unflinching clarity, Crystal Andrus Morissette exposes the greatest human tragedy: the loss of the authentic self and the resulting split that ravages all of our relationships, particularly the one we have with ourselves. Anyone who reads The Emotional Edge will find the means to become whole once again!

~ Loretta LaRoche – Star of 7 PBS Specials, bestselling author, humorist


Take the Emotional Age Quiz featured
on three times!

This course normally sells for $399 Canadian >>>
Sign Up today for $299 Canadian (approximately $220 USD)

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We get started LIVE on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

at 5pm PT / 8pm ET.

(Click here to find your local time zone)
Each class is 90 minutes long using a private Zoom Room (video and/or audio). All calls are recorded if you can’t attend live.



14523064_10157722052035413_2996692593310098535_nWhat is Emotional Age (EA):

An enormous aspect of your healing through this profoundly powerful 12-Week LIVE TeleCourse with world-renowned coach and women’s advocate, Crystal Andrus Morissette, comes from understanding your Emotional Age (EA) and how you are showing up in the world.

Most of us have heard about Biological Age. It is a scientific concept that measures how well, or badly, your body is functioning relative to your Chronological Age. For example, you may be sixty years old but you’ve eaten well, exercised, drunk plenty of clean water, minimized stress, and so on. Your body might be functioning as well as someone twenty years younger than you as a result of your self-care. We’ve also heard stories about thirty-year-olds who have lived too hard and recklessly, leaving themselves with bodies and hearts that bear extra decades’ worth of scars.

Emotional Age is a similar concept to Biological Age. But rather than predicting how young or old our physical bodies are, Emotional Age helps us understand how empowered or disempowered we are emotionally.

It helps explain how we’ve been communicating, compromising, socializing, and interacting with others.

For example, we’ve all seen those sixty-plus-year-old persons who, regardless of their chronological age, behave like angry teenagers when they’re upset—yelling, screaming, slamming doors, and stonewalling. Conversely, we’ve also witnessed the young, twentysomething-year-olds who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, acting way too mature for their age, silently burdening not only their own worries and fears but taking on those of their loved ones, as well.

We’ve also seen the older guys with young trophy wives, and immediately we know these men are father figures, in a “parental role,” while the young women are operating as children, in the “daughter archetype.”

In other words, we all innately recognize when people are acting outside of their Emotional Age; we’ve just never given it a name until now!

The more empowered our Emotional Age, the better our lives will be! 

If you would like to purchase The Emotional Edge (the book) or download Crystal’s free Guided Healing & Empowering Meditations, click here!



breaking chains



Never feel like a victim of circumstance, genetics,

or your past again. Instead of letting your

emotions get the best of you, now

it’s time to get the best of them!



The Emotional Edge caught me by surprise; not just another ‘self-help book for the wounded,’  it feels more like a practical new psychology that gives profound and specific tools for the integration and healing of the Self. The processes, exercises, and meditations that Crystal Andrus Morissette provides are spot on! If applied, they will allow the reader to achieve a sense of inner peace and empowerment. A must read!

~ Sonia Choquette, New York Times Bestselling Author



Crystal Andrus Morissette has written a book that is a must-read for anyone trying to better understand themselves and live their potential. In The Emotional Edge, Crystal helps her readers understand where they may be stuck, how passive communication is limiting the outcomes of their life and gives concrete exercises to unlocking their potential . I have done a significant amount of personal work and extensive education in the area of self-development. The Emotional Edge is one of the best self-help books I have read. Well done Crystal.”

~ Silken Laumann – 4x Olympic Champion, Bestselling Author 



The Emotional Edge lays it all out there beautifully. It explains why so few become the glorious, flourishing humans we were all meant to be, and tells you exactly what it takes to turn all that around. Bravo to Crystal Andrus Morissette.

~ Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D. OB/GYN, New York Times Bestselling Author



Crystal Andrus has penned a magical book inviting us to remember and honor the truest essence of being a woman—sure, proud, real, confident, courageous, humble, and wise. This insightful book reminds us of ancient sacred wisdom, delivering it beautifully to be reflected in a modern woman’s eyes and integrated into her heart. The Emotional Edge is a must read for any woman who has struggled with owning her own authenticity and power. I highly recommend this book!”

~ Colette Baron-Reid, Intuitive Counselor and Life Strategist, founder of the Master Intuitive Coach® Institute and #1 best-selling author



Crystal Andrus Morissette, and the Emotional Edge, taught me more about being a woman than being a woman did! The sheer simplicity of this work is dazzling. The author takes complex ideas and philosophies about life, the universe, and our purpose in it, and makes them tangible, personal, and highly attainable. After reading this book, I felt that anyone—man or woman—could, if they chose to, expand their lives and become the greatest expression of who they really are! Well done!”

~ Sherry Gaba, LCSW, Life Coach on VH1’s Celebrity rehab, Author of The Law of Sobriety



Be sure to read more of the extraordinary testimonials sent to us after women completed The 12-Week Emotional Edge TeleCourse: Click here!



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Discover Your Inner Age, Ignite Your Hidden Strengths, and Reroute Misdirected Fear to Live Your Fullest or Receive a 30-Day Refund!

Enjoy Crystal’s past two LIVE Facebook videos explaining the 12-Week Emotional Edge TeleCourse, enjoy:




When I am a woman, I feel joy
When I am a woman, I feel my body and know I am alive
When I am a woman, I create sacredness only by being present
When I am a woman, I am the world filled with love
When I am a woman, I shine peace and inner light
When I am a woman, I know I am beautiful and loved
When I am a woman, I am my home.

I wrote this poem after the first call with Crystal and over the next 12-Weeks they became my truth.

With her and the magnificent ladies in our circle, I was walking on my unique but shared path back home to myself — getting to know my power, allowing my love to expand, hugging my free spirit, admiring my gentle being, and starting again to share my passion with life itself.

I know that walking alone can hurt so much that you do not want to walk. Here I was never alone. Crystal and the most amazing women I have ever known were standing by my side while I was opening the door to my Woman Energy. I will be grateful for ever. Thank you!

~ Darja Bitenc, Ph.D. in Biogenetics, S.W.A.T. Master Empowerment Coach

Joy, Emotional Freedom, and Peace of Mind Await You!


The 12-Week Emotional Edge TeleCourse is the S.W.A.T. Institute's flagship course, taught by our founder, Crystal Andrus Morissette. It begins May 3rd! The benefits are innumerable: Discover Your Emotional Age, Ignite Your Hidden Strengths, and Reroute Misdirected Fear to Live Your Fullest. Sign up today and save $100 off the regular price. There is a full, 30-day money back guarantee if you aren't 100% happy.

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