BEYOND THE EDGE – 7-Weeks to Soar in Business!

BEYOND THE EDGE is a brand new, 7-Week, High-Level, Live & Interactive Business Training Course for women who are driven, determined, and ready to soar in their business. The entire program has been created by S.W.A.T. founder and best-selling author, Crystal Andrus Morissette. It doesn’t matter if you have an online business, a multi-level marketing business, or a bricks and mortar business, this course will help you connect with your community, sway them into trying your products or services, and show you how 'close the deal' and create long-lasting customers and relationships!

The Personal Empowerment Coach Certification

Our Personal Empowerment Coach Certification is a self-paced program that will give you the fastest yet most comprehensive empowerment coach training to help you shift your clients out of any disempowered situation into making healthy, authentic, appropriate choices. We are the world’s #1 coaching program, exclusively for women!

The Master Empowerment Coach Certification

WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN! We are the next era of the women's movement! Created for the life-long learner (the woman dedicated to self-actualization as well as improving the lives of others), the Master Empowerment Coach Certification is everything you’ve always wanted in a coaching certification and more! We are the world's premier coaching program in over 30 countries & seven continents! Join our global coalition! REQUEST MORE INFO TODAY!

The 12-Week Emotional Edge TeleCourse

The 12-Week Emotional Edge TeleCourse is the S.W.A.T. Institute's flagship course, taught by our founder, Crystal Andrus Morissette. Featured three times on, as well as the New York Post and UK's Daily Mail, discovering your Emotional Age and learning how to become your 'highest' self is life-changing! This 12-Week interactive, live, video and community forum begins Wednesday, September 26, 2018. The benefits are innumerable: Discover Your Emotional Age, Ignite Your Hidden Strengths, and Reroute Misdirected Fear to Live Your Fullest. There is a full, 30-day money back guarantee if you aren't 100% happy.