Nothing Short of Miraculous. Only two weeks away!

Nothing Short of Miraculous. Only two weeks away!

When someone talks about magic and miracles, I pay attention.

But when someone tells me that what I do is nothing short of miraculous, I gulp. Smile. Blush a tad. And then say, “Thank you. I am so grateful. We’re both so blessed.”

It happened again this past weekend…


“The Simply Woman Retreat was nothing short of miraculous transformations for all in attendance. Crystal, through loving and powerful exercises, helped us to uncover our hidden brilliance, breakdown our walls of fear, and showed us the path to our courageous truth. Crystal empowered us to shift into a higher level of conscious awakening, in order to align with the truest expression of who we really are. Every woman should attend this retreat at least once in their lifetime!”

~Sara Rogers, Oshawa, Ontario


“I have yet to find the words to express my gratitude from the most amazing magical, soul full filled day at Simply Woman Retreat. Crystal, you opened hearts, saved souls, and the laughter OMG! Yvette Murray, Natalie Hughes, Aaron Morissette, and all who helped and supported to create such a life-changing day we all were truly blessed. To all the courageous women I met and listened to . . . you’re so very brave and beautiful.”

~Jill Holden, Whitby, Ontario


We are doing it again in two weeks time in Calgary, Alberta! For more details, click here!

Not sure when we will be coming to Calgary again? This is your chance to experience magic and miracles!

I’ll be on Calgary Breakfast TV on Friday October 2nd, talking about this wonderful day!

Huge love,





    Crystal is the founder and CEO of The S.W.A.T. Institute. Her personal story is the perfect backdrop to become a voice for the next era of the women’s movement. Crystal has overcome insurmountable odds to create a life of joy and purpose. From a tough beginning—her parents turbulent divorce at age 12, a stranger rape at 14, extended sexual abuse from a family friend, moving out at 15, battling the early stages of cervical cancer at only 17, suffering a traumatic head injury at age 20 that left her to deal with unannounced seizures, marrying young and gaining over 80 pounds in her pregnancies, then struggling through a difficult divorce and near bankruptcy before becoming a single mother to two beautiful girls (one who nearly lost her own life in 2010)—Crystal has dedicated her life to helping women transcend their victimhood, martyrdom, self-limiting beliefs, fears, and patterns.