Sexy T’s

Our “simply…woman” t-shirts are so darn cute, they’re actually sexy! The cotton material is super soft and comfy, and they don’t shrink in the dryer! Bold colors that stay vibrant, these t-shirts tell the world who you are: courageous, empowered, BAM — simply…woman!

In a variety of colors and sizes, you’ll love wearing your sexy T!

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Xooma (pronounced Zoom-ah) is our favorite health & wellness supplement company. With over 30 incredible products of the highest quality and integrity, The S.W.A.T. Institute and Crystal Andrus have chosen to partner with Xooma! Whether you want to lose weight and become more “alkaline” with the amazing X2O mineral water sachets, improve your mood and concentrations with FocusUp, or do our complete 30-Day Cleanse Your Life Challenge, we know you will love how you feel, too!

Test the waters and then come back and tell us how much you love Xooma!

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Although The S.W.A.T. Institute showcases a gamut of fabulous authors, we’re featuring four fabulous books written by our founder, Crystal Andrus. From her very first self-published, full-color version of Simply…Woman to her last book, Simply…EMPOWERED, we know you will want to grab your own signed copies straight from Crystal’s desk. Let us know who you’d like the books autographed to and we’ll have them shipped out immediately!

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