Simply…EMPOWERED! is simple yet significant book to help you CREATE & SUSTAIN Success in every area of your life!

You will learn you’re not who you’ve been—you are the potential of who you’ll become, and you can become anyone you choose to be. You are the co-creator of your destiny . . . the captain of your ship. Whether you realize it or not, your actions (or lack of action) and reactions will either blow you out into the stormy seas of life or guide you toward the most wonderful adventures you could ever dream of. The choice is yours. Crystal is just here to help you navigate.


~ Debbie Ford, the #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Dark Side of the Lightchasers said, “Crystal Andrus has overcome a personal story that would leave many feeling victimized and small. She has not only risen to become a dynamic, passionate and empowered woman, she has carefully crafted a ‘how to’ manual for the rest of us to follow! If you are ready to become the hero of your own life, this book will get you there! Simply…EMPOWERED! is one of this year’s must-reads!”

~ Carol Ritberger, Ph.D., the best-selling author of Healing Happens with Your Help says, “Writing a book that commands universal attention is not readily achieved. Writing a book that truly impacts lives is not commonplace. Writing a book that defines the character of the human spirit, as lived and documented in Simply…EMPOWERED! by Crystal Andrus, is life changing. If you read just one book this year to strengthen your personal resolve, make it this one.”


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