Simply…Woman! is a week-by-week body/mind/soul total transformation program that encompasses every facet of a woman’s life. From her daily demands and frustrations to her wants, needs, and fears, this revolutionary plan elevates the experience of weight loss far beyond the physical. With 70 steps, which are gently laid out over 12 weeks, this book effectively empowers women to take back control of their health, discover their passion, override their fears, and create a life filled with joy and serenity–this thighs are just the by-product!

Included in this 12-Week Total Transformation Program are:

  • The 10 Steps to Living with Authenticity
  • 25 Top Fat-Burning Secrets
  • The Tight & Toned Workout DVD
  • Beautiful video testimonials directly from women themselves!

In 2005, forty thousand readers across Canada were polled to see which book had most influenced their lives and Simply…Woman! came in at number 14, ahead of Scott Pecks’ “A Road Less Traveled” and Dr. Phil’s “Relationships First”.

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