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From the desk of Crystal Andrus Morissette
Founder of the S.W.A.T. Institute
{Note: since filming this video we are at nearly 800 students versus the 444 at the time of this video}

I’m honored and excited to take you on a tour of our school. First, you’ll want to watch the video above where I explain our Empowerment Coach Certifications, including:

  • how and why we built the school
  • our amazing curriculum
  • the difference between our Master and Personal Empowerment Coach Certifications
  • why we are exclusively for women
  • the learning platform
  • prices and payment plan options
  • why we love the S.W.A.T. Institute so much

If after watching this 60-minute inspiring, educational, and uplifting video, you are interested in taking the next steps, we would love to chat with you to go over pricing and payment plan options: 

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If you want to learn more about courses before scheduling a Discovery Session—you’d like to go further behind the scenes to view more in-depth videos that explain our curriculum, as well as watch a sample video lecture with Professor of Coaching Izabela Viskapova—pop your name and email in the box below! You’ll have instant access!

Here are some of the great reasons why Empowerment Coaching rocks_

About Us: The S.W.A.T. Institute is an online global empowerment coach certification exclusively for women. Whether you’re interested in becoming a Personal or Master Empowerment Coach, we are passionate and dedicated to helping you become not only the greatest version of your Self, but to be the best coach possible!

We are in over 30 countries now with students living in places such as Iceland, Palestine, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Spain, Romania, Slovenia, New Zealand, Namibia, just to name a few! It’s so incredibly exciting to be a part of this global coalition for women!

Becoming an Empowerment Coach can open up doors you never imagined possible! We have many graduates who are making 6-figure incomes, who have opened their own practices, written books, appeared on television and radio, as well as being featured in telesummits, magazines, and newspapers! The sky is the limit!

We’d love to help you get started!

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    Also, if you haven’t watched the testimonial videos that some of our graduates sent to us, CLICK HERE! You’ll be amazed at how our empowerment coaching certification has impacted their lives in such epic ways!

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