Tikkun Olam – The Healing of our World is Finally Happening

Tikkun Olam – The Healing of our World is Finally Happening

What happened last week in the United States of America had to happen. I finally see that, one week later. The fear. The panic. The tears. The cheering. The protests. The split. The division. The contrast.

I ‘see’ that now.

For those that are still caught emotionally in the rumbling, the thing to remind your Self is that fear is not the enemy. It is the part of you and me—and us, humanity—that needs the most understanding. In fact, it is only a lack of understanding that allows fear to exist; once you understand it, you won’t fear it. You will know it. You will own it. You will learn from it. You will expand your emotional edges and reach higher. You will expand your consciousness and collective consciousness.

Once you learn how to dialogue with fear in a healthy way, it can become your teacher, even your friend. It will show you where you’re wounded, limited, contracted, and needing some healing. It will show you where you fear others, and what you think they can do to you. It will show where you’ve allowed small thinking, constricted communication, and old patterns to keep you stuck. It is also an instinctual reflex we can never avoid.

Fear may present itself as bravado or cowardice, but underneath, it’s ‘energy-sucking’ unless it’s faced and healed.

How do we face it and heal our fear, you may ask?


We need each other to heal. 

It is called Healing the Split.

The bottom line is we cannot expand our lives alone. We can’t heal alone. We cannot become whole alone. We are not meant to be Lone Wolves. We’re ‘pack animals’. We need each other. Up close and personal. We learn everything about ourselves in relationship to one another. We learn to be whole, authentic, and empowered by needing others and by letting ourselves be needed. We all need a tribe. We need each other. We need a ‘mirror’ to reflect us back to ourselves. We even need our ‘so called’ enemies to show us how limited we still are in our communication skills; how much fear still dominates us; where love is still missing.

We heal by letting ourselves be seen. Vulnerable. Fallible. Mortal. Imperfect. Loved and loveable. We face our shame and clean out all the stories that aren’t ours to hold any longer, and we own the ones that are! We give ourselves permission to matter and to know that our needs, dreams, and desires matter! All of ours!


This is also how I believe we will heal the world . . . And I’m not alone . . .


bb53b6a5-a2e9-478f-8a1f-24d1696ec8fbMany spiritualists believe that Peace on Earth will only arrive once we gather all the ‘fragments of light’ (consider the Big Bang) and somehow mend them back together; creating ‘oneness’ in the universe again. It is called ‘Tikkun Olam’ — the repairing of the world. This phrase has origins in classical rabbinic literature and Kabbalah, a major strand of Jewish mysticism. (And no, I’m not Jewish.)

It is the fundamental belief that we are ‘one’. We are part of the whole. We are connected. When we hurt another, we hurt ourselves. When we hurt ourselves, we hurt others; when we hurt parts of ourselves, we hurt all of ourselves.

Once we desire peace more than we desire power, our world will begin its monumental climb back to wholeness, happiness, and harmony. Oneness. Tikkun Olam.


Peace doesn’t mean we all agree on the same things.

It means we may have to respect our disagreements so that we can still play in the sandbox together.


We must respect ourselves, and we treat our neighbors with that same level of respect and acceptance. We speak our truth. We hold space. We have faith. Love. Kindness. Compassion. World peace begins with inner peace, and inner peace starts with self-love. Self-expression. Self-advocacy. And then extending those same qualities to our fellow human beings.

Perhaps, we human beings were the unknown ‘inside’ variable . . . The desire . . . The free will . . . The duality . . . The intrinsic ingredient that was needed to expand consciousness. Maybe, we were the force behind the expansion of the universe.

Maybe we needed chaos to create calm? Maybe we instigated the Big Bang? We were the provocateurs! The curious-seekers? Contrast, desire, and expansion drove us!

What if we were, and are, the Leading Edge of Consciousness—forever expanding the universe and ourselves? Maybe in a very real sense, we are God?

Narcissistic sounding? Maybe.

But I believe we must embody the noblest parts of our selfishness, along with the noblest parts of our selflessness, to become the fully empowered Adult archetype. We must ‘heal thyself’ to become a ‘healthy self’. We must heal ourselves before we can heal the world. We can’t do this until we become more compassionate and less judgmental.

imagesI vow now, one week after the election >>> . . . One week of crying . . . of confusion . . . of so much self-righteousness and frustration because I sounded THE HORN FOR THE LAST YEAR DESPERATELY TRYING TO TELL PEOPLE HE WAS GOING TO WIN . . . <<< to choose compassion.

We can’t heal what we won’t deal with. We can’t heal what we won’t feel.

We are all feeling this. Democrats and Republicans.

It is time to have compassion for each other. To learn. To listen. To show up differently. To respect our differences and to teach each other.

And to heal the split.

Tikkun Olam


Crystal is the founder and CEO of The S.W.A.T. Institute. Her personal story is the perfect backdrop to become a voice for the next era of the women’s movement. Crystal has overcome insurmountable odds to create a life of joy and purpose. From a tough beginning—her parents turbulent divorce at age 12, a stranger rape at 14, extended sexual abuse from a family friend, moving out at 15, battling the early stages of cervical cancer at only 17, suffering a traumatic head injury at age 20 that left her to deal with unannounced seizures, marrying young and gaining over 80 pounds in her pregnancies, then struggling through a difficult divorce and near bankruptcy before becoming a single mother to two beautiful girls (one who nearly lost her own life in 2010)—Crystal has dedicated her life to helping women transcend their victimhood, martyrdom, self-limiting beliefs, fears, and patterns.