Transcendent Beauty

At the moment of conception, our soul fills us with a radiant light, as it gently whispers into every cell of every baby girl that we are beautiful. But as our mind begins to develop, a new voice begins to emerge: that of the ego. This voice tells us what we “should have done”, what “must look like”, or how we “need to be”. It can talk so much, and so loudly, that if we listen to it long enough we’ll become so distracted from our soul that our light, once vibrant and radiant, becomes dull and dim.

Often when we meet a person who has “lit up the room,” we say that she’s beautiful. The transcendently beautiful have an inner beacon that’s brilliantly lit and brimming with bliss. They’ve learned how to radiate light while calming the ego–knowing that when the mind abides by the soul, the body, in turn, is connected to this knowingness, and Transcendent Beauty follows. These women SHINE! The world is magically attracted to them. And while most people talk about attractiveness as being merely physical, true beauty definitely comes from the soul.

If you embrace and practice the principles outlined in Transcendent Beauty, you’ll see how easy it is for you, too, to shine with an intoxicating power!


“Crystal Andrus has written a deeply compelling book that will open our eyes and help us all–men included–to embrace and honor the magnificence we already possess–a magnificence that is often overlooked and nearly forgotten, yet nonetheless is just waiting for us to uncover it.”
~ Debbie Ford, the best-selling author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

“Transcendent Beauty elevates us to embrace the feminine fullness and strength of mind, body, and spirit, ever reminding us that true beauty is about loving and respecting  the ‘skin you’re in.’ It’s beautifully written–a must-read for all modern women.”
~ Colette Baron-Reid, the best-selling author of The Map


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