You want to become a Master Empowerment Coach Certified (MECC) by the S.W.A.T. Institute


Our next brand-spanking-new Master Empowerment Coach Certification (MECC) will be taking place in March 2023. This year, for the first time in 14 years, we have revamped our entire curriculum and learning platform and our students are absolutely loving it! 



The Master Empowerment Coach Certification is a 12-month live-interactive course with 34-live Zoom video classes with founder, Crystal Andrus Morissette, including scheduled breaks throughout the year.


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MECC explores four main modules:

This Master Empowerment Coach Certification will give you the confidence to not only launch and build your thriving business or expand and uplevel the one you already have, but you'll have 34 live classes with Crystal dedicated to your specific coaching business, including the technological, design, branding, marketing and list building aspects. We will start with your business and finish with your business. Nearly a full year dedicated to ensuring you *know* what you're doing to attract, secure, and nurture your coaching clients. 

And although we have essentially separated our content into four main modules with specific courses  Our Business, Our Background, Our Bodies, and Our Brains  they all weave together throughout the year to give you time to explore, digest and integrate all this power into your body, mind + spirit, first and foremost before you begin teaching it to others.

You'll then get three one-on-one private coaching calls with Crystal to ensure you and your business are ready to ROLL with ease and success.

Next, you'll join our Simply Woman Superstar Summit and Registry, where we will *help* build your business, grow your list, and share your wisdom with our world. 

You'll also have an opportunity to dig deeper than ever  to understand yourself and the relationship we have with each other, with men, with our history, and with our families. There will be a special emphasis on healing core wounds while connecting deeply with our bodies and shifting into the highest levels of consciousness.

This certification is so much more than a piece of paper; it's like getting your Master's Degree in Life while doing it with highly-accessible teachers, professors, and a team of women who will help you shine. Get ready to be in Woman Energy in every area of your life!

The purpose of this Master Empowerment Coach Certification is to empower you to expand your life so you can become the greatest expression of you possible—to give you the Emotional Edge! 

Once you get the Emotional Edge, you’ll never give your power away again without recognizing it. You’ll see when you’re sabotaging yourself and come to understand why. You’ll be able to detect when you’re around other people who are attempting to take your power from you and you will learn how to protect, support, and nurture yourself. You will begin to live in a world that is expanding to enable your wildest dreams, hopes, and ambitions to become realities.

Enjoy this 6-minute video of Crystal explaining how it will unfold:


Module One - Our Business

There are far too many extraordinary women who aren't yet sure how to run their own businesses. In this first module, founder, Crystal Andrus Morissette teaches you everything from:

  1. Define your Niche, Branding + Offers
  2. Build your Website, Email List, Marketing + Sales
  3. Develop your PR. Social Media Platforms + Visibility
  4. Create Courses, Membership Sites + In-Person Events



Module Two - Our Background

If we, as women, don't know where we've been and what we've been through collectively, it's much harder to know where we're going both personally and professionally. This module explores: 

  1. Female Archetypes + Their Importance
  2. Women: How History Shaped Us
  3. Patriarchy in the 21st Century
  4. Healing the Mother Wound



Module Three - Our Bodies

It is virtually impossible to be a fully empowered Woman if you aren't connected to your body, health, sexuality, sensuality, emotions, and wellbeing in body, mind + spirit. In module three, we explore:

  1. Nutrition + Energy + Consciousness
  2. Meditation, Breathwork + Connecting to Your Sensuality
  3. Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Fitness + Physiology
  4. The Quantum Mind + Healing



Module Four - Our Brains

The brain is not the Captain of our ship but it is our Navigator, it contains our navigational tools: how we think, what we think, and how our thoughts create our reality. In this final module we do a deep dive into the brain, exploring:

  1. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Exercises
  2. Trauma, Addiction + Recovery
  3. Coaching in the Highest Levels of Consciousness
  4. Advanced Working With Parts




Plus, on top of what you're learning, you'll receive some incredible benefits once you graduate:

  • You'll be able to call yourself a Master Empowerment Coach Certified (MECC) through The S.W.A.T. Institute - one of the most elite Empowerment Coach Certifications in the world.
  • You'll be added to our brand new Master Empowerment Coach Registry section on our website where users can browse through our certified Master Empowerment Coach profiles to find a good match! Here, we'll include your headshot, bio, and website information.
  • You will have the opportunity to write for our Simply Woman Magazine on an ongoing basis to increase your expertise, help you gain more exposure and to share your voice.
  • Be a part of our Simply Woman Summit! We're especially excited about this one! Not only will you be interviewed by Crystal in an exciting new Simply Woman Summit, but you'll also get the chance to start building your email list and connect with an audience on a larger scale.
  • You will receive a beautifully printed blue-colored diploma stamped with the corporate seal sent to your doorstep ready for framing. (Our Empowerment Coach Certification is a smaller gold diploma.)
  • Feel incredibly confident in yourself, your coaching, your business, your wealth, and your future!

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Who is this Master Empowerment Coach Certification for?

You're already part of the Empowerment Coach Certification (ECC) with the S.W.A.T. Institute -- you've graduated or you're working on your assignments + 30 Mentorship Coaching hours -- and now you're ready to: 

  • Learn the business behind the coaching business directly from our founder, Crystal Andrus Morissette.
  • You are *literally* wanting to do exactly what Crystal is doing with you + this course. Crystal will show you everything she did to build this exact course, including the behind-the-scene steps, and then, show you how you can do something similar.
  • Get more visible. You're ready to be seen + heard and you're confident in your message.
  • Build your own email list. You know now that it's also a numbers game and you have to have the opportunity to connect more authentically with more people who might want to learn more about you and your business.
  • Get a bird's eye view of how Crystal built her 7-figure platform and how you can do the same.
  • Go higher in your understanding of the Map of Empowerment + learn new processes + interventions for Courage and higher >>> this is where the real magic happens for us.
  • Discover your niche market and learn how to attract your ideal clients.
  • Develop a success consciousness.
  • Gain clarity and perspective about where we've come as women, patriarchy, and where we're going.
  • Learn smart, savvy marketing strategies and you, yourself, will learn how to create your own logos, branding, a powerful website, sales funnel, and online presence in the world.
  • Help your client heal the split between her inner mother and her inner child so she can become her most empowered Self -- the Woman or Adult archetype.
  • Learn Eastern philosophies of healing, including nutrition, energy, chakras, breathwork, and the bandhas.
  • Explore the exciting world of Quantum physics and how the Quantum mind can help heal the body.
  • Take a deep dive into Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and receive over 50 practical and accessible exercises, processes + interventions.
  • Discover new, cutting-edge techniques for working with trauma, anxiety + addiction.
  • Understand and master the psychology of working with parts and advanced archetype work.
  • Learn powerful interventions for the highest levels of consciousness which are needed to sustain Woman Energy.
  • Master your guided meditation skills and take clients deep into their emotional bodies.
  • Listen to NEW coaching calls from Crystal Andrus Morissette.
  • Discover the most important steps + tips to running an in-person event.
  • Understand and heal the Patriarchal Wound -- an often shunned topic that affects many women + their relationship with their mother.
  • Feel confident to coach anyone: Man, Woman, Child, Teen, Millionaire, or Ph.D.
  • Be a fierce and powerful leader.
  • Know how to run courses, events, workshops, even MasterMind Groups.
  • Reclaim our Erotic-Innocence as women who have grown up in a feminine-irreverent culture.
  • Feel confident on social media and in interviews, whether on TV, magazines, podcasts, or webinars.
  • Get access to live bonus calls + interviews with some of the world's leading doctors, coaches, therapists, leaders, and entrepreneurs.
  • Access ways to increase your personal power dramatically.
  • Remain and develop a deeper connection with your fellow empowerment coaches + siSTARhood.
  • Create your own unique programs or courses.
  • Land more speaking gigs, articles + interviews to get your name + brand out there.
  • Master your selling skills + 'Discovery Sessions.'
  • Understand the basics of writing a book + the required steps and processes.
  • Learn high-level Empowerment Coaching techniques unique to Crystal + the S.W.A.T. Institute.
  • Get consistent and steady feedback on all your assignments. 
  • Join the next era of the women's movement.
  • Obtain the highest level of certification of any Empowerment Coach, worldwide, exclusively for women.
  • Create your own 6 to 7-figure business and have ongoing support.
  • Receive one-on-one coaching with our founder, Crystal Andrus Morissette, before you graduate to ensure you're on track.
  • Plus, so much more!

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What some of our "original" graduates have to say...


Klara Maucec, Ph.D., 3x Olympic Competitor, Master Empowerment Coach Certified with the S.W.A.T. Institute 


"Before I met Crystal Andrus Morissette and the S.W.A.T. Institute, the field of coaching and self-growth was a mystery for me.

With my Ph.D. in Microbiology and Natural Sciences and as a professional athlete (I competed in three Olympic games), I was taught that our reality is determined by our five senses and that life just happens to us.

Crystal’s coaching really shook my way of thinking. I know now that we create our reality with our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs and that every year some additional layers are accumulated on our pure and authentic spirit. I realize now that only ‘I’ am in charge of my life. Crystal helped me remember who I really am, what my needs and deep desires are, along with discovering what fears were preventing me from having the life of my dreams. Starting to speak my truth has had a big impact on my life.

After completing the Master Empowerment Coach Certification (MECC), I told Crystal that I learned more from this program than from all my years at university."


Your Professor of Master Empowerment Coaching 

International best-selling author, Emotional Age and communication expert, and women’s advocate Crystal Andrus Morissette is a worldwide leader in the field of self-discovery and personal transformation. She is the founder of the S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer), an empowerment coach certification exclusively for women that is in over 45 countries that she created with fellow female visionary Louise Hay in 2009. Crystal is the author of several best-selling books, including “The Emotional Edge” -- featured three times on She is also certified in sports medicine, nutrition, and yoga.

Crystal has been nominated as Canada's top female entrepreneur over 10 times by the Royal Bank of Canada. She was a specially selected trainer for the Canadian-Ontario Job Grant program and has helped other female entrepreneurs reach 7-figure status. 

On a personal note, she is the loving mother to her grown daughters, Madelaine and Julia, and has been married to Aaron Morissette since 2008. She lives in a grand 200-year-old farmhouse in Southern Ontario and has 2 furbabies and a flock of singing canaries.

Book Your Discovery Session Now with Britta

Britta Aragon is a passionate Master Purpose + Vision Coach. As the Admissions Director at the S.W.A.T. Institute, Britta often does a deep dive helping students dismantle their fears and self-limiting beliefs so they can create a life beyond their wildest dreams. A Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer survivor, Britta wrote her first book, When Cancer Hits, in 2012. At 40, Britta took her own huge leap of faith, leaving her marriage, selling her million-dollar business, and put all her belongings from her NYC apartment in a storage unit except two suitcases. Over the next 18 months, she solo traveled to 12 countries and reclaimed the life her soul was searching for. Now, a single vibrant woman living in Miami, Florida, Britta spends her days walking the beach, planning her world-class destination retreats, and guiding women to living their most authentic truth. If you would like to chat with Britta about your next steps or register with our school, click here!

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Your Bonus Gifts

1st Bonus Gift - On the Edge for Love: 6-Week Course for Women

This 6-Week Course for Women is yours at no charge if you're able to pay in full. Talk with our Admissions Director to learn more!

2nd Bonus Gift - Beyond the Edge: Soar in Your Business Course

This 7-Week high-level business course is also yours at no charge if you're able to pay in full. Book your Discovery Session now!

Look what I'm HOOOOOOLDING!! 

"I'll confess to you that one of my biggest issues in the past was not finishing what I started. And this certificate tells me not only that I worked hard, learned a LOT, & mastered new skills, but also that I. CAN. SUCCEED. I'm proud of this & thankful for Crystal Andrus Morissette & everyone else who helped me keep going.

If you indulge me for a moment, I'd like to tell you what's happened since I started doing this work (and not just the reading & assignments, but being coached by other siSTARs, & doing The Emotional Edge Course, etc.).

Four years ago, when I started my S.W.A.T. studies, I had been single for 27 years. Everyone kept saying, "Lori get out there & meet people; he's not going to come knock on your door". I was actually quite content being single & decided any relationship would have to be one where we mutually improve each other's lives. It would have to be magical & we would have to accept each other completely. (Stay tuned…)

I'd been working in oil & gas companies for 26 years. I made really good money, but it was boring AF, uncreative, an extremely patriarchal industry whose values I couldn't share. It was very much the same living in Texas (where I'd been dragged from my beloved northern New Mexico when I was eight years old & somehow, I just…stayed there).

I decided I needed a change, started looking at "coaching" online, found Crystal & the SWAT Institute, & well, let's fast forward a few years.

The love of my life literally knocked on my door a little over two years ago. (Take THAT, you old naysayers). We're about to celebrate our 2nd anniversary & it's SO GOOD. 

We got married on a Friday the 13th under the Full Harvest Moon (because magical). I just packed up my last bit of oil & gas work in a box for storage. Just today, I opened the bank account for my coaching LLC. Oh, and we moved to northern New Mexico last year, built a house with a mountain view & have wild horses that drop by sometimes to say hi.

All this to say, I was stuck for a long time. I thought life would never change. And although I started my healing process before I met Crystal, this school & community have been a force behind the incredible changes in my life.

If you're down on yourself for not finishing the course, breathe. It took me four years. It's taken others even longer. Remember, while you're doing this, you're not just preparing for a new career. You're doing life-altering, world-shifting stuff. It takes the time it's supposed to take.

And if you're unsure about doing the Empowerment Coach Certification or the Master Empowerment Coach Certification, just do it. You wouldn't keep thinking about it if you didn't want to do it.

First, you change your life. Then you change others' lives. Then we change the world. And WOW, does it ever need us."

Lori Murray,

Master Empowerment Coach certified by the S.W.A.T. Institute