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is a 7-week, high-level, live & interactive Business Training Course for women who are driven, determined, and ready to soar in their business.

During one, 90-minute, live, video class a week, beginning Thursday, October 24th - December 5th, the S.W.A.T. Institute's founder, best-selling author and business guru, Crystal Andrus Morissette will take you under her wing and shorten your business learning curve! Be ready to rock your world this January 2020. In fact, make it your best year yet! Get ready, Be prepared. Go beyond the edge!

All classes are live and interactive on Thursdays at 4 pm ET. If you can't make it live they are all recorded. Plus, get on-going feedback and questions answered by Crystal in our private Facebook forum.

“After going into businesses as a specially-selected trainer for the Canadian-Ontario Government Job Grant (COJG) program, I realized that this was a true passion and gift of mine. I’ve helped businesses that were once struggling turn into powerhouses in their industries, quadrupling their incomes, using effective processes that I created and trained their employees on.

After seeing how elated my clients were with my services, I thought to myself 'I should teach every woman how to do this in their business.' And so, my newest course, Beyond the Edge: 7-Weeks to Soar in Business was born.”

~ Crystal Andrus Morissette, founder of the S.W.A.T. Institute 

This course is for you if you are ready to:

  • Get serious about your business

  • Figure out what isn’t working, and what is

  • Put a savvy plan together to support your dreams
  • Recognize the difference between being busy and being productive

  • Network with the ‘right’ people for your industry, who can help you soar

  • Work smarter rather than harder

  • Discover what your highest producing activities are and do those first

  • Make sure your business is more than a ‘labor of love’; it's profitable and can sustain your lifestyle

  • Motivate and inspire others

  • Reach higher milestones

  • Have those hard conversations you used to fear, and do it with ease and confidence

  • Get comfortable talking about money, making money, saving money, spending money, and having money

  • Know your personal why . . . and the whys of your customer

  • Do more of what you love and less of what you don't love

  • Learn highly-effective delegation techniques and trust your team

  • Build a great team

  • Discover your ‘loss leaders’ and use them for leverage

  • Feel solid, steady, and unshakeable – live with equanimity

  • Learn how to make more money and avoid unnecessary expenses

  • Look, act, and live the part

  • Have independence and financial freedom

  • Feel empowered, confident and fearless

  • Become highly productive 

  • Go big — dream bigger than you ever imagined possible

  • Live the good life 

Our testimonials speak for themselves


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During this first class, we cover Inspired Leadership

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During this second class, we cover Marketing with Purpose

  • Your Personal ‘Why’
    • What matters to you as a person outside the context of your business?
    • What are your personal values?
    • Is your overall life aligned with your personal values?
  • The ‘Why’ of Your Business
    • What are the values of your business?
    • What’s the bigger vision of your business?
    • What is the Mission Statement of your business?
  • Principles of Inspired Leadership
    • Sway Them Your Way (clients and employees)
    • Stay focused on the solutions
    • Stay inspired
    • Tips for motivating and inspiring others
    • Invest in what matters most
    • How to ask for help/delegate
    • How to eliminate an oppressive environment 

  • Identifying Your Audience
    • Who exactly is your target market?
    • What is their problem or pain points?
    • What is their ‘wish list’?
    • How to build your database and social media accounts
  • Your Unique Selling Proposition
    • Why do they need YOU?
    • How is your solution to your audience’s problem different and better than your competition?
  • Identifying Your Message
    • Messaging your unique proposition effectively
    • Writing compelling copy
    • Branding and presentation of your businesses message
  • The best way to convey your message to your audience
    • The most suitable/efficient marketing strategies for your business
    • How will you let the world know about your business
    • Your Marketing Plan
    • Social Media and Advertising

During this third class, we cover Superior Sharing and Selling

During this fourth class, we cover Looking the Part & Powerful Presentations

  • How to have a natural and effortless sales conversation
    • What is the structure of a sales conversation?
    • Learn how to ask the right questions so your customer ‘sells’ themselves
    • Position your deals so they solve your customers’ problems
  • Sales objections
    • How to recognize the most common objections in your industry
    • Learn the ‘Which One’ close
  • Understand the role of emotion in sales
    • How to sell to the ‘why’s’ and emotions of your prospects
    • How to inspire prospects to say ‘Yes’ on the spot
    • What is your ‘Call to Action’?
  • Don’t fear the “money talks”
    • How to be comfortable talking about money and asking for money
    • How to price your deals in a win-win way
  • How to feel like a professional and look the part
    • Understand what a ‘million dollar’ look is for your industry
    • Understand what a ‘million dollar’ look is for you as an individual
    • Understand your personal and professional brand
    • Learn how to raise your energy and put yourself in a peak state
  • Understand the hidden rules of presentation in your industry culture
    • Understand the 3-worlds (poverty, middle-class and wealthy) and what your client’s world is
    • Professional Etiquette (e.g. meals with clients versus friends)
    • What is appropriate language (e.g. questions, jokes)
  • How to make a lasting impression
    • Set yourself up for success with the way you present yourself
    • Understand the social basics of business settings
    • Learn how to become inviting and likeable
    • Learn appropriate boundaries (flirting, introductions, friendliness, emails)
  • How to prevent stress and burn-out
    • The difference between stress and burn-out
    • Learn to recognize your stress triggers and stress cues
    • Understand how to manage stress short-term and long-term

What is Covered?

During this sixth class, we cover Profits and Productivity

  • Maximize your profits
    • Break down your numbers and see what leads to most profits
    • Stop reinventing the wheel and learn how to maximize what already works
    • Allocate resources to business-bringing activities
  • Eliminate what’s not working
    • Identify activities that don’t lead to profits
    • Identify the loss leaders
    • Discover what and who might be killing your business
  • Allocate your resources strategically
    • Focus on the deal vs. focus on the dollars
    • Decide if you want quick nickels vs. slow dimes
    • Optimal staffing and partnerships
  • Business innovation
    • Identify new revenues of income
    • How to create new business opportunities that you haven’t considered before

  • How to have fair and empowered communication
    • Understand the difference between 1. Passive 2. Passive-Aggressive 3. Aggressive  4. Assertive
    • Communicate from a place of Neutrality and Higher
  • Know your emotional landscape
    • Understand your own personal triggers
    • Learn how to not take things personally
    • Master giving and receiving constructive criticism
  • How to make others feel heard and important
    • Listening skills
    • Reflecting back and validating