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Simply... Woman! The 12-Week Body-Mind-Soul Total Transformation Course

Starting May 15th at 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET


Here's what's included:

💻 12 x LIVE 60-Minute Weekly Classes

Beginning Wednesday, May 15th at 7 pm ET / 4 pm PT, Crystal will go live on Zoom to connect directly with you. Each week she will lead you through methodically planned lessons that will build week-by-week until you have the entire 12-Week Plan for Women Over 40 who want to lose weight, balance their hormones, and step into their Second Act of life!

👭 An additional 30 minutes at the end of each call for LIVE Coaching

This is your chance to speak directly to Crystal, ask questions, get coached or just hold space and be there to learn, listen and support your fellow participants. Imagine 12 weeks of live coaching with Crystal and all the knowledge you will gain.

🧘‍♀️ Five x 90-Minute Simply...Woman Workouts - Online/On-Demand

After a ten-year hiatus, Crystal's "Simply...Woman Workout" is back. In a 90-minute class for all levels, Crystal incorporates yoga flow with pilates, hand weights for light lifting, stretching, breath work, guided meditation, and she even pulls a goddess card at the end. 

👀 A sneak peek at Crystal's NEW 20th Anniversary Edition for Women Over 40

Over the past year, Crystal has poured her heart and soul into her latest book: the 20th anniversary edition of Simply...Woman. Before she sends it to her publisher she wants to test the waters with REAL WOMEN OVER 40 to get some new REAL testimonials and before + after pictures. Maybe she'll choose YOU!

📖 Simply...Woman!: The 12-Week Body-Mind-Soul Total Transformation Program 

Simply... Woman! is a week-by-week body/mind/soul total transformation program that encompasses every facet of a woman's life. From her daily demands and frustrations to her wants, needs, and fears, this revolutionary plan elevates the experience of weight loss far beyond the physical. 

👩‍🍳 Healthy Recipes in the Kitchen with Crystal

Each week, for 12 weeks, Crystal will take you into the kitchen and prepare a healthy meal for you. These videos are fun and entertaining with both video and written instructions. Plus we'd love for you to share your own favorite recipes in our private Facebook group!

🎧 Meditations to Support You

Each week, you'll enjoy a simple yet powerful guided meditation with Crystal designed to help bring your through each of the seven energy systems plus additional meditations to help you remember who you really are and to feel grounded and connected.  

🍏 Weekly Food Guidance Check Ins

Let's take the confusion away with easy weekly food guidance check ins. In fact, once you get on a roll, following this intuitive and flexible eating plan is actually quite easy. Besides, if you make things too hard, you won’t stick to it. The last thing you need is another yo-yo diet that shames, judges, or belittles you.

🚦Create Your Personalized Traffic Light Food System

In Crystal's original book, Simply...Woman she created a Traffic Light Food System where she labeled proteins, fats, and carbohydrates as Red Light (stop), Yellow Light (proceed with caution), and Green Light (go, go, go). As much as she still stands by most of those categories, she has realized that not all food is processed the same way for everyone. Crystal will help you create your own perfect personalized system. 

✍️ Understand + Use the Empowerment Spectrum

The Empowerment Spectrum outlines the concept of our identities being formed by a combination of three Dominant Emotional Archetypes—the Child, the Parent, the Adult. Within these three archetypes, we communicate on a scale from passive (disempowered) to peaceful (empowered). 

💕 Meet Your Simply...Woman Community

Trees growing together in a forest are that much more stable and powerful than a tree standing alone because their roots intertwine to keep each other strong. A tree, by itself, in contrast, must grow very very long roots. It reminds us of how much more powerful we are when we have a solid community of loving, like-minded supportive women around us.

💬 Connect directly with Crystal using the Comment Section Below Every Lesson

Whether you use Facebook or not, you'll have a private section under each weekly lesson to communicate directly with Crystal. Ask questions, leave comments, and rest assured they will be delivered directly to Crystal's inbox for her to communicate back with you!

📞 Chat with Crystal During Her Monthly Call-In Podcast

Want a one-on-one coaching call with Crystal where you can't be seen and no one will know your name? We got you covered! On the first Friday of every month, Crystal opens a private conference line for you to call in anonymously to get the support you need. 

🏷 PLUS, 30% off 1-on-1 Private Coaching with Crystal!

Maybe you're ready to work one-on-one with Crystal in tandem with the course or you want coaching around another issue and would love to hire Crystal as your personal or professional coach. No worries! We got you covered. Let us know and we'll send you a 30% off coupon code exclusive to women in this course.

📲 Lifetime Access to the Course

Don't worry! As long as we're in business (and we've been doing this since 2009), this course and platform will stay open for you. Come back anytime to re-watch videos, download meditations, or ask Crystal a question. Priceless! 

+ PLUS some incredible bonus gifts! 🛍

👉  The Emotional Edge Course "Fast-Track" (Regularly $797)

👉 The 10-Step Trigger-Busting Workshop

👉 Makeup Tutorial on Mature Skin with Crystal's daughter, celebrity makeup artist, Julia Dantas

👉 The Original Tight + Toned Workout

👉 Possible placement in Crystal's new 20th anniversary edition book!


What People Are Saying:

Investing in my healing journey with Crystal was the crucial stepping stone I needed to reclaim my authentic self. She helped me find the courage and confidence and to shine light on my fears. I am no longer revolving; I am evolving, growing and thriving and living my best life.

Brenda Teeter

Crystal was the bridge that took me from a domestic violence victim to a PhD student whilst supporting me to learn to manage the psychological processes I encountered as I developed my emotional intelligence. You start out aiming for your defined goal, you end up in a totally different place of strength with a 1000 more achievements.

Perena Wasterfall