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Emotional Edge 2.0

Get ready to take your coaching + healing processes to the next level with this brand-new course taught by the founder of the S.W.A.T. Institute, Crystal Andrus Morissette! 

What you'll get:

  • Instant access to eight 90-minute classes.
  • Invitation to the EE 2.0 private Facebook Group to ask Crystal questions and get personalized feedback in a profoundly safe + caring space.
  • New techniques for journalling, dialoguing, and connecting with all the parts of your personality.
  • A deeper understanding of three aspects of the psyche based on Jung, Freud, and Transactional Analysis.
  • Deep Shadow Work that will shine a light on the parts of you that you can't connect with or don't even know exist yet are driving your choices unconsciously.
  • Integrating the split between your ego + shadow (or what Crystal calls your Dominant and Submissive Emotional Age Archetypes) that occurs in every one so you can come back to a sense of 'wholeness.'
  • A comprehensive leap into Working with Parts and Emotional Age Archetypes including Mother, Daughter, and Woman Energy, as well as our additional, more specific Emotional Sub-Archetypes: the Wallflower, the Martyr, the Rescuer, the Worry Wart, the Chubby Bubby, the Busy Bee, the Micromanager, the Puritan, the Ruler, the Perfectionist, the Mad Scientist, the Scared Child, the Addict, the Victim, the Lone Wolf, the Rebellious Teenager, the Troublemaker, the Drama Queen, the Charmer, the Joker, the Warrior, and the Narcissist.
  • A fresh, new, user-friendly platform where you can access all course materials.
  • Powerful guided and creative visualizations that include breath work processes that will help you reconnect to your body, release pain, trauma, and held-onto stories.
  • Coaching from the Body and Not From the Head allows you to access all your emotions, ground + calm you, as well as help not only yourself but to assist your clients in going deeper into their bodies. Your body is your secret-keeper and secrets make us sick.
  • Balancing your Feminine & Masculine energies, your Daughter & Mother energies or what is also known as Yin & Yang.
  • Confidence, Clarity, and Continued Healing (it is a life-long journey).

Note: We recommend you take the Emotional Edge Fast-Track Course first to familiarize yourself with Crystal's teachings on Emotional Age. But it is not required. You can easily add it to this purchase and binge watch them at your own pace! 

"We aren't meant to be perfect, we're meant to be whole."
~ Jane Fonda

What People Are Saying:

I have taken the Emotional Edge course several times. You will get a deeper layer of healing and understanding each time you take it. Crystal is a warm beacon of light and love. She is the safe place to learn, grow, and rediscover your worth.

Angela D'Amico

Crystal's Emotional Edge Course is so transformational and unique. She guided me to identify which Emotional Age I was operating from; it was my sacrificing Mother Energy. I realized that I had very little access to my empowered Woman Energy and even my fun Daughter Energy. Through Crystal’s teaching, I learned how to empower myself by shifting to high-frequency energy. Her role-playing in the class was my favorite part which allowed all of us to see each emotional age clearly.

Iris He

Crystal, Wow! Wow! Wow! That was an amazing class last night. I was blown away and got so much out of it! The way you introduced the archetypes and how you demonstrated them was absolutely fabulous! The coaching you shared was so beautiful. I got goosebumps on this call from how you empowered the person you coached. You’re so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us. I can’t wait to watch the replay! I love you, Crystal! You’re a once-in-a-generation woman and I hope you do a tour!!

Charlene Byars