Success can work against you and your desire to be happy. Here’s why….

Success can work against you and your desire to be happy. Here’s why….

I never knew how much success drove me all of my life. Success at work. Success making money. Success amongst my peers. Accomplishments. Achievements. Respect. That’s what success gave to me: Respect!

Success is a badge of status for many of us. So much so that our need to appear ‘polished, together, accountable, responsible, accomplished’ becomes our #1 priority.

In fact, years ago, I adopted the mantra ‘never let ’em see you sweat’. Superwoman! Magic Manifester! Alchemist! That’s the image I presented to the world.

The trouble with making “success” your holy mission is that you–as a person with needs, feelings, hurts, fears–can’t . . . or won’t allow yourself to look within and to get down in the trenches with your heart.

Who has time to work on ourselves when we are convincing the world how ‘successful’ we are?

The ironic part is that we are actually just trying to convince ourselves we are successful enough and we don’t need others to help us heal. We can read books about healing and empowerment. Maybe we’ll journal. No one needs to know we too would like to feel happier. Whole. Authentic.

Never let ’em see you sweat!

Here’s the problem with this Lone Wolf mentality: We can’t heal alone. No one can. We need each other. Community builds immunity. In fact, the need for success can work against our need to be happy.

In my own life, the need for admiration, respect, and status began to implode on me. I was sweating inside. I was exhausted keeping up my perfect, successful image.

The truly interesting part was that once I decided that healing my heart was my #1 priority, my success actually EXPLODED! Who knew that healing me would quadruple my sales? (This is not a sales pitch! It’s truth.)

I documented my healing and then began teaching every single breakthrough (sometimes breakdowns preceded them) I experienced with my clients. I turned it into a 12-Week TeleCourse which became the flagship course for the S.W.A.T. Institute and then a book called The Emotional Edge …. and thus this global coalition was formed!

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Here’s the thing:

In order to build a thriving SUSTAINABLE business, you need to be your own real Best Self and yet unless you do this type of healing / empowerment work, you can’t know your real best Self!

Don’t let foolish pride prevent you from taking the steps you need for YOU! Not for your business. Not for your clients. Not for your image, brand, niche, messaging. For you. Your heart. Your mind. Your body. Your spirit. Your needs. Your life! You matter!

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    Crystal is the founder and CEO of The S.W.A.T. Institute. Her personal story is the perfect backdrop to become a voice for the next era of the women’s movement. Crystal has overcome insurmountable odds to create a life of joy and purpose. From a tough beginning—her parents turbulent divorce at age 12, a stranger rape at 14, extended sexual abuse from a family friend, moving out at 15, battling the early stages of cervical cancer at only 17, suffering a traumatic head injury at age 20 that left her to deal with unannounced seizures, marrying young and gaining over 80 pounds in her pregnancies, then struggling through a difficult divorce and near bankruptcy before becoming a single mother to two beautiful girls (one who nearly lost her own life in 2010)—Crystal has dedicated her life to helping women transcend their victimhood, martyrdom, self-limiting beliefs, fears, and patterns.