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Are you tired of feeling...

πŸ’­ Unsure of how to how to set boundaries and speak your truth
πŸ’­ Triggered by your interactions with certain people in your life
πŸ’­ Like your needs, feelings, and dreams have been put on the back burner 
πŸ’­ Struggling between keeping the peace and speaking your mind; which sometimes comes out passive aggressive
πŸ’­ The constant negative mind chatter and cruel self talk
πŸ’­ In a vicious loop that's keeping you stuck
πŸ’­ Like your past experiences have shaped the person you've become in a negative way
πŸ’­ Tired of trying to prove your worth, love-ability, and value to the people around you

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My name is Crystal Andrus Morissette. I'm the author of six bestselling books and the founder of an international coaching school exclusively for women, the S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer). I'm also a leading Emotional Age and Communications Expert, and my work has been featured on places like

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Why healing your Inner Child and Inner Mother and the relationship between them is life-changing.   

Over the years, working with thousands of women as both a coach and trainer, I've heard comments like this way too many times:

"I can't help but feel like I'm my own worst enemy. No matter what I do, it seems like I keep self-sabotaging. I can't seem to silence the inner mind chatter that's always going on in my head. And my inner voice can be so mean to me. It tells me that I'm not good enough, that I'll never amount to anything. It's always scared and afraid, which doesn't help me feel any better."

I'd love to tell you more about Emotional Age and help you with something that has massively impacted my life and the countless lives of my clients and students over the years. And that's how to find your Inner Child and Inner Mother and to heal them individually and then also the relationship between them so you can step into your empowered Inner Woman.

Save My Seat

What is Emotional Age and why does it matter?

Years ago, I created something called "The Empowerment Spectrum." It outlines the concept of our identities being formed by a combination of three Dominant Emotional Archetypes—the Child, the Parent, the Adult. Within these three archetypes, we communicate on a scale from passive (disempowered) to peaceful (empowered).

For years leading up to the release of my book The Emotional Edge, I'd half-jokingly refer to these three Dominant Emotional Archetypes as my "Mother Energy,"  "Daughter Energy," and "Woman Energy." The interesting thing was how women seemed to understand what I meant when I used these terms. They seemed universal—as if every woman had these same three personas that ran their lives, too.

It had little to do with biological age or whether or not they were, in fact, mothers. I've coached twenty-year-old women in Mother Energy and seventy-year-old grandmothers in Daughter Energy. And twenty-year-old women carrying the weight of the world.

Your Inner Child

The Child Archetype is the more selfish part of us that is fearful and gripping. She drives us to take care of our own needs before the needs of others. Daughter Energy can show up in your life in many ways. She feels like a scared little girl unsure of her next steps, or maybe she feels like she needs to demand attention.

Your Inner Mother

The Parent Archetype is the selfless part of us that gives, protects, and serves. It can drive us to sacrifice our own needs for the needs of others. 

You don't need to be a mother to be in this energy. Mother Energy will leave you feeling tired, overworked, and unheard.


Your Inner Woman

The Adult Archetype, or Woman Energy, is the integration and transcendence of the noblest qualities of each of these two archetypes into the fully empowered Self. This archetype balances the Self in a way that expands outward without losing connectedness inward.


Without realizing it, our behavior is dictated by one of these Three Dominant Archetypes, depending upon the person we're dealing with; and often, one of these archetypes will dominate most aspects of our life.


To transcend into our Woman Energy, we have to heal our inner mother and inner daughter and the split between them. When we do this, we feel whole, happy, and authentic. Our Woman Energy is in charge, and we are on top of the world!

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What women like you are saying

"I love the woman I have become since I started to incorporate all my parts. Once I began to understand them, listened to them, and love them, it brought clarity to my inner world, my needs and my desires. I get to dream bigger than ever before and it's amazing!!! I cannot wait to continue this journey and to continue to show up and rise up. I found what works for me!"

-Catherine Hosein

Would you like to...

βœ… Speak to yourself (and all your parts) with so much love and understanding 
βœ… Experience a lightbulb 'aha' moment and understand yourself in a way you never thought possible
βœ… Heal the parts of yourself that are keeping you stuck, in a fun and interactive way
βœ… Let your inner parts dialogue, so you can finally understand who is running the show in your life
βœ… Learn how to set boundaries with love and ease
βœ… Better understand your Emotional Age, so you can show up in your Adult (or Woman) Energy
βœ… Stop feeling triggered by daily interactions and learn to show up as your highest Self in all your relationships
βœ… Learn to identify Emotional Age with ease so you can recognize it easily not only with yourself, but with those around you

Insights from female trailblazers

"Crystal brilliantly explains how our attempts to bottle up feelings of shame, guilt, blame, denial, fear, and anger trigger us to contract into the smallness of who we become when we aren’t our authentic Self. By utilizing Emotional Archetypes to explain the parts of our psyche, she offers prescriptive techniques that bring about the healing process. My sister, Debbie, would be so proud of you, Crystal."

- Arielle Ford, Self-Help and Relationship Guru

"The Emotional Edge is a wake-up call for anyone who is ready to step out of the limitations of their life and into their infinite possibilities. Exceptionally compelling . . . Crystal Andrus Morissette delivers insight and interventions that are more than simply helpful; they are life-changing in their clarity and wisdom. I think this work is going to be a game-changer for the world and for women."

- Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., NYT Bestselling Author​​​​​​​

"Crystal helps her clients understand where they may be stuck, how passive communication is limiting the outcomes of their life and gives concrete exercises to unlocking their potential. I have done a significant amount of personal work and extensive education in the area of self-development. "The Emotional Edge" is one of the best self-help books I have read. Well done, Crystal."

- Silken Laumann, 4x Olympic Champion

What we're covering

During this free 45-minute webinar, you'll learn how to...

πŸ’œ Reconnect with your Inner Body

πŸ’œ Access your Inner Child and your Inner Mother

πŸ’œ Remember who you really are - without any mask or protection

πŸ’œ Open up your heart

πŸ’œ See yourself accurately for the incredible human being you are

πŸ’œ Travel deep within your body through breath and meditation

πŸ’œ Discover your Inner Empowered Woman

πŸ’œ Heal the Split between your Inner Child and Inner Mother

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