Are You Ready to Detox from Self-Doubt?

4 Powerful Steps to Believe in Yourself and Develop the Confidence You Need to Achieve Your Goals.

The webinar is free. There are no upsells. Nothing to buy.
We are women supporting women!

Britta Aragon will show you how to: 

  • Get crystal clear on your vision
  • Develop unbreakable courage and belief in yourself
  • Feel safe to be who you are and live in your truth
  • Reset your nervous system to receive more
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Crystal Andrus Morissette will help you:

  • Differentiate fear from anxiety and learn how to use it as jet fuel for success to move closer to your goals... no matter what life throws at you
  • Discover the 'trick' some of the most famous celebrities use to own their gifts and talents and always appear confident
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Self-Doubt Detox Webinar! 

  • Stop letting doubt destroy your dreams
  • Manage that insecure and mean voice inside your head
  • Know that you're not alone but there is a way out
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What Women Are Saying...

"Dissolving doubt is a way of living" - This webinar inspires a HUGE shift in mindset. I feel like the heavy, dark veil of "Who am I to…?" has finally been lifted. Britta and Crystal give actionable advice on how to set us free to set others free. Energizing. Motivating. Empowering. Thank you, Britta and Crystal!!

~ Melanie Lotz, Germany

"I loved the webinar, Crystal. It was a pleasure to see you looking so bright and fabulous, and get to know beautiful Britta. I feel this topic it's so so important."

~ Loredana Thoenig, Spain

"This webinar came at a perfect time, it gave me extra clarity on how my self-doubt shows up in my life. I love the steps offered on how to overcome it. The information was powerful and the energy was dynamic. There is a lot of great content packed in 1 hour! Thank you, Crystal and Britta."

~ Catherine Hosein, Canada

Your Teachers... 

Britta Aragon

Britta Aragon is a passionate Master Purpose + Vision Coach. As the Admissions Director at the S.W.A.T. Institute, Britta often does a deep dive helping students dismantle their fears and self-limiting beliefs so they can create a life beyond their wildest dreams. A Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer survivor, Britta wrote her first book, When Cancer Hits, in 2012. At 40, Britta took her own huge leap of faith, leaving her marriage, selling her million-dollar business, and put all her belongings from her NYC apartment in a storage unit except two suitcases. Over the next 18 months, she solo traveled to 12 countries and reclaimed the life her soul was searching for. Now, a single vibrant woman living in Miami, Florida, Britta spends her days walking the beach, planning her world-class destination retreats, and guiding women to living their most authentic truth.

Crystal Andrus Morissette

International best-selling author, Emotional Age and communication expert, Master Empowerment Coach, and women’s advocate, Crystal Andrus Morissette is a worldwide leader in the field of self-discovery and personal transformation. She is the founder of the S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer) -- an empowerment coach certification exclusively for women in over 45 countries. Crystal is the author of several best-selling books, including The Emotional Edge featured on She is also certified in nutrition, sports medicine, and yoga. Aside from the professional accomplishments, Crystal is a blessed mom to her two grown daughters who are shining examples of women in their power! Her eldest daughter, Madelaine Dantas is the Manager of Operations at the school. And her husband of 14 years, Aaron Morissette is the CFO.