The truth to getting what you want…





By Crystal Andrus

Most self-help books (even ones I love!) often tell us that wanting something badly enough is the secret to receiving it.

The best-seller “Think and Grow Rich” written by Napoleon Hill states “the root of all success is a burning desire.” And as much as I agree, we must really want something in order to manifest it, creating your greatest life takes more than just wanting it.

If wanting was enough, we’d all have it! Here’s my powerful five-step Action-Attraction Formula to getting what you want:

  1. Make a list of the things you most want.
  2. Rate each desire with a number from “one” to “ten” based on how badly you want it. In other words, if it’s all you think about, give it a “ten”. If, on the other hand, it would be “nice” to achieve, give it a “one”.
  3. Then, beside each desire, ask yourself: “Truthfully, how much do I believe I will achieve it?” Rate each desire/belief in a similar way as you did in Step Two, i.e. if you believe without a shadow of a doubt you will achieve it, give it a “ten”. If you simply hope it happens, give it a “one”.

(Here’s the first secret to manifesting: Both your desires and wants must be a ten! You must both want and believe it will happen! This is why wanting is not enough! But there is more if you want to turn your dreams into reality…)

4. Next, go back to Step One and clarify which desires/beliefs are both a “ten”. Don’t bother trying to manifest anything unless both your desire and belief are a 10! This is mandatory! Once you’re certain you both want and fiercely believe in it, ask yourself: “How will I feel when ‘it’ happens—when I accomplish this?” Imagine the feelings you’ll have. What words come to mind? Relieved, proud, affirmed, secure, safe, content, peaceful, and/or excited? You must get very clear on the feeling you’ll feel when you achieve these most-wanted desires.

5. Now, here’s the biggest secret of all: Do everything in your power to feel this way NOW! Shift your internal frequency to an emotional state that resonates in faith, security, trust, hope, confidence, knowingness, and gratitude!

We must first “feel good” to receive good!
Not the other way around!

When you align your wants, beliefs, and emotions with certainty and gratitude that your desires have “already been achieved” and are “on their way”, you will embody the truth to getting what you want!

If you would like to learn more about transforming your struggles and strife into success and security, continue this powerful journey with me tomorrow during my 12-Week Total Transformation TeleCourse! Click here for more details!

Week by week, we are going to create a life—body, health, wealth, and relationships—that you love…because YOU matter! Click here for more details!

Talk to you tomorrow!


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Is Food Irradiation Safe?








by Julie Daniluk RHN, bestselling author of Meals That Heal Inflammation

Out of all the food insults, I would have to say that food irradiation gets the award as the scariest technology. Exposing food to high doses of ionizing radiation using gamma rays or high-energy photons from cobalt-60 or cesium-137 seems like something out of sci-fi movie. The radiation absorbed by one human x-ray is measured as 1 RAD (radiation absorbed dose). The amount of radiation used on products is measured in kiloGrays that are equivalent to 100,000 RADs. Produce receives 1 kiloGray, fresh meat 7 kG and spices and dried herbs 30 kG…to review the math, this is the equivalent to your food getting 3 million x-rays!

In one 15-week study on rats fed a diet containing 70% freshly irradiated wheat (irradiated at 75,000 rad, or 0.75 kGy), the animals were found to have a lowered immune response. This suggests that irradiated food may inhibit resistance to fight off infections and lower the body’s resistance to a wide range of diseases.

Why is irradiation so dangerous?

All cell membranes and DNA strands within certain microbes (bacteria and yeast for example) are broken during irradiation. John Hanselman, an ecological researcher living in Brantford, ON explains in his Alive Magazine article,  “Chromosomes mutate when the broken shards recombine. There are no studies available on the effects of consuming large amounts of mutated microorganisms over time on the microbiology of the human digestive system or on the resulting human physiology.  In addition, irradiation does not eliminate all bacteria. Some are not affected by dosage levels used on foods. These include the botulism-causing Clostridiumand Deinococcus radiodurans, which actually repairs its own DNA after exposure. Surviving bacteria pose a concern because they inevitably produce resistant generations until irradiation becomes an ineffective method of sterility.”

John went on to raise another good point for concern, “nutritional losses of vitamins A, C, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B4 and folic acid can occur in irradiated foods–up to 80 percent of pre-irradiation levels. Essential fatty acids oxidize and free radicals, precursors to cancer, and other carcinogens including formaldehyde, benzene and lipid peroxides are formed.”

So how do you protect yourself?

The one surefire way to protect yourself is to buy 100% organic food unless you are buying from a farmer directly and you trust that the food has not been ‘processed’. Here is a good guide for trusting organic by Barbara H. Peterson.

Reading ‘Organic’ labeling: 

*If a product is labeled ’100% Organic’, then it is supposed to contain nothing but organic ingredients and processing aids that are organically produced.

*Products labeled ‘Certified Organic’ must contain 95% organic ingredients: Up to 5 percent of the ingredients may be nonagricultural substances (consistent with the National List). If not commercially available in organic form, minor ingredients i.e spices, flavors, colorings, oils, vitamins, minerals, accessory nutrients, incidental food additives can be nonorganic but must not be produced using the excluded methods i.e [GMO], sewage sludge, or ionizing radiation.

*Products labeled 70-95% Organic or ‘Made with Organic Ingredients’, can contain the kitchen sink in the 5-30% of ingredients that are not organic. They can be grown with pesticides, but without the sewage sludge, and cannot be irradiated or genetically modified organisms (GMO).

*Products labeled 70% Organic or ‘Contains Organic Ingredients’, can contain the kitchen sink along with the pesticides, sewage sludge, irradiation, and GMOs.

If someone buys a product that is only 70% organic, producers may have uses spices that are irradiated. Given the level of radiation that spices receive, this is a huge concern. Even though organic spices seem like they are worth their weight in gold, realistically the conventional option might be as toxic as uranium!

Nutritionist Julie Daniluk hosts The Healthy Gourmet on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), a reality cooking show that looks at the ongoing battle between taste and nutrition. Her first book, Meals that Heal Inflammation, advises on allergy-free foods that both taste great and assist the body in the healing process. Check out more amazing recipes and nutrition tips at

Check out Julie on Facebook at Julie Daniluk Nutrition and on Twitter @juliedaniluk

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Beauty in Darkness






By: Aileen Collo Amparo

How do we define happiness? In situations where darkness seemed to have pervaded the life that one lives, is it still possible to see the light? Is it still possible to see beyond the harshness and cruelty?

When I started filming, I only had an idea of how exciting it must be to capture the detail of what exists in our physical reality, and that is it. With zero background in professional filmmaking, and a passion to express what my soul desires to fulfill, I set out on a journey back to my homeland Gumaca, Philippines using my consumer grade camcorder that I purchased on sale.

Little did I know, that I was about to discover something beautiful. It turned out to be the ‘Beauty in Darkness” Movie, divided into the following chapters:

1.  A mountain of Innocence and Compassion – women volunteering to teach the poor children even if it means sacrificing their own salary, time and effort. Just what level of compassion do these women have?

2.  Junks of Happiness – laughter and fun lingers in the air winning over the disgusting smell and appearance of garbage that they sift everyday just to make a living. Where do they source out these sparks of happiness?

3.  Unimpaired Strength – a grandmother who has such strength that never gets broken even though she must take care of three disabled children who were abandoned by their own parents. Is she the epitome of a real life superwoman?

4.  Young Hope – a young, brilliant student doesn’t lose hope and determination like that of a young warrior despite of the struggles in finances while taking care of his paralyzed father.

5. “Life” is the final chapter that summarizes the beauty of the human spirit.

The cause of human suffering is a mystery. There is a force running this whole show of Life in which we could only theorize, if not come close to the absolute truth. To blame or pity them is not tackled in this film for it requires a superhuman understanding in order to justify the situation.

But we know one thing is certain.
Light shines from within the hearts of men no matter what.

Light gets even brighter, as darkness gets deeper.

From this standpoint, without blame, and only knowing the beautiful qualities that are inherent in us:

We can rise from the darkness we are in. We can recreate a whole new world knowing our light and strength is there to never shrink our experiences into fear but expand ourselves with love, care, peace, harmony, strength and the list of beautiful qualities within never ends” Aileen Collo Amparo

The movie is made available for everyone to watch for free in

Simply because, you are beautiful.

Chapter 1:


Aileen Collo Amparo was born in the Philippines. Being different, her teenage years were not easy leading her to question life. As she discovers the answers, she works out her internal dilemma of the mind, body and soul, a continuous process. Currently working as an architect, she spends her free time living her passion for spirituality, healthy diet, yoga, environmentalism, entrepreneurship, humanity and filmmaking. One of her many accomplished projects is the documentary movie “Beauty in Darkness” which depicts the intangible and beautiful human qualities that are proven to be inherent despite of terrible situations.

Website :

FB page :

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Open Your Gifts!

By: Bloom – Grow Your Joy

It’s my favorite time of year again– the holidays are here!  The tree is decorated with years of memories and the stockings are hung.  The Christmas lights are twinkling with the sounds of caroling in the air and the smell of snow on the way. I absolutely love it!  I love the sense of connecting, of families gathering, of old friends contacting and memories revisited.  But what I really love is the gifts!  No, I don’t mean the ones with pretty paper and bows; I mean the ones life has brought me.  Each year around the holidays, I carve out some time to look back, to review the events of life and try to see what bits of wisdom were brought to me.  I’ve found that some of the hardest times have bore the most amazing gifts and wisdom; things that I couldn’t possible have understood without the experience.  So every year I take some time to look back and open my gifts.

I start by making a list of all the hard things that have happened.  I write down the tears and frustrations, the arguments and loss. And I’m always amazed at what comes out of me once I get started.  Then I look at how my life has changed because of them.  Over the years, I’ve come to believe that life truly does work in mysterious ways.  I’ve been kicked out of an apartment only to find the most adorable house, one I never would have looked for on my own.  I’ve mourned friendships to discover they were never really friendships to begin with.  I’ve lost jobs to put me on a path to my career.  I’m not saying these times weren’t heart retching and stressful.  They were.  They were times of uncertainty and insecurity, of sorrow.  I didn’t want to leave my apartment, especially not right then. Or lose a job, or friend, or relationship.  But if I’m honest, truly honest with myself, I realize that I wouldn’t have moved forward on my own.  I realize that I wouldn’t have found that cute little house, or my career (or the hunk).  If I’m honest, I realize that those loses have created space for more love in my life.  As I uncover these little bits of wisdom, I make another list.  A list of all the many gifts the past year has brought me.

And that first list? I rip it into tiny shreds and toss it. The heartache and tears, I give a mental hug.  The arguments and loss, I wish them well.  They’ve served their purpose and I don’t need to carry them any longer.  I bless them and let them go.  I start my new year a little lighter, a little brighter, and with a peaceful heart.

Isn’t it time for you to open your gifts?

Bloom – Grow Your Joy believes the world needs a little more laughter, a few more smiles, and a lot more joy.  They are on a mission to bring women everywhere the support they need to live a life in full bloom, one filled with joy!

Because I want everyone to grow their joy this coming year, I’m offering you my e-book “Get Ready to Bloom”.  Together we’ll pull some weeds, till some soil, and ready the ground.  We’ll carefully select the right seeds to sow so your life is ready to grow some joy!  Gain clarity, bring closure, make some plans and dream some dreams.

“Get Ready to Bloom”  FREE!





And if you’re ready to make 2013 the best year yet – take 10% off the Bloom Life Planner System.  Use code: “LetsBloom”

Happy Holidays!

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Unexpected Goodness








By Lisa Payne, The S.W.A.T. Institute’s Featured Partner

“The surest way to be a loser is to be casual about time.” That quote was sent my way as part of a 100 Day Challenge that I am currently doing. The point of it is to be fully engaged in your daily routine and to protect your time like a bulldog. Whenever I read these types of motivational messages, I reach directly for my handy notebook (or iPhone if I’ve forgotten my pen!) and start making a list of what needs to be done and by when.

I have learned the discipline of being deadline-driven in all aspects of my life and it has yielded tremendous results. What I have also learned on my journey through space and time is that I am not in control of all things and that miracles or “unexpected goodness” can happen when, and only when, you are open to receive.

How is it possible to maximize productivity and still leave time to receive blessings from the Universe? It seems a bit contradictory in a sense; and I, too, struggled with the dichotomy for a bit. The solution is all in the intention.

I begin my days now with an intention to complete certain tasks within reasonable time frames and ALWAYS leave space for unexpected goodness. I’m not at all suggesting throwing out the to-do list, but actually ADDING “unexpected goodness” to it!! Does that sound too crazy to work? To clarify, let me explain that I don’t put “unexpected goodness” on my list of things to do but I write it at the top of my list, like an affirmation, that “Today I am open to receiving unexpected goodness.”

By setting an intention that I will BE OPEN, I am actually sending a strong message to the Universe, that (no matter how many things I have to DO) I am receptive and I welcome blessings at every turn. This is quite a change for me. I don’t squeeze every minute full of activity now. I take time to breathe, look up and around, and be grateful for all my blessings.  Just yesterday, amidst a 16-hour day (it was one of those “regular” days where my to-do list was peppered with office work, client calls, networking, and family responsibilities), I was rewarded, for being open, as follows:

  • My mother treated me to lunch;
  • My 14-year-old son, who was off school, happily helped redecorate the house, moving furniture and cleaning instead of playing video games;
  • I met new, amazing and interesting people at a networking event;
  • I ran into an old friend at a coffee shop; and
  • I had a wonderful chat with my friend on the phone.

You know, none of these things seem all that extraordinary but because I had set the intention to be open to unexpected goodness, I was able to receive each opportunity with an open heart and with a knowing that I am truly blessed. None of these things were on my to-do list but I had the willingness to accept them into my “busy” schedule and I am so happy I did! Knowing that I attracted these gifts because of how I was being gives me even greater joy. With the realization that I created this experience, I honor my power within time and space and I am humbled.

Here’s to unexpected goodness coming your way!









Lisa L. Payne’s mission to help you move through life transitions with grace and confidence so you can create a life that excites you. Author of “What If The Knew? Secrets of an Impressive Woman”, find about what Lisa does and why at

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Find Your Purpose – The Key to a Fulfilling and Abundant Life








By Kristen Howe

When you wake up in the morning do you have a feeling of dread in your stomach and wonder how your life turned out this way?  Do you think ‘there must be something better than this’ but have no idea how to even begin changing your life?

Do you spend day after day at a job you hate?  When you wake up in the morning do you have a feeling of dread in your stomach and wonder how your life turned out this way?  Do you think ‘there must be something better than this’ but have no idea how to even begin changing your life?

Accepting a mediocre life and settling for ‘less than’ you once dreamed of is an unfortunate and unnecessary side effect of ‘growing up’, ‘becoming an adult’ and ‘taking care of your responsibilities’.

Think about it, what is one defining thing about the people who are contributing most to this world? Whether they’re contributing on a huge, public scale or in a small town bringing joy to everyone around them, I guarantee you; they have found their purpose and are actively living it.

When you live on purpose, you are positive and the energy you bring to yourself and the world around you is positive.  When you don’t live on purpose, you are negative and the energy you bring to yourself and the world around you is negative.

Don’t you owe it to yourself and the world to live on purpose and stop settling for a mediocre life without passion?

I’m sure you answered a resounding, ‘Yes’ but if you are like most people, living on purpose seems impossible.  In fact, chances are high that you aren’t living on purpose because you don’t know what your purpose is.

How do you find your purpose?

Let’s start with a few questions…allow yourself to answer these questions with whatever comes to mind and just for now, don’t judge your answers as possible or not possible.

Grab a pen and paper (or you can go to your computer, but pen and paper tends to bring out more honest, instinctual responses) and answer these questions…

Remember, don’t think, just write…

  1. Write down your top 3 favorite things to do when you were a kid.
  2. Write down your top 3 LEAST favorite things to do when you were a kid.
  3. Write down your top 3 favorite things to do now.
  4. Write down your top 3 LEAST favorite things to do now.
  5. When you feel ‘In the zone’ at work, home or anywhere, what are you doing?

When it comes to finding your purpose as the key to a fulfilling life, you need to know 2 things:

1. Your purpose can’t be something you don’t feel ‘Right’ doing?

2. You can have more than 1 purpose!

The first step to find your purpose is to discover the answers to these questions and then discover the common bonds between them.

Please Note: Creating your purpose is NOT about ‘forcing it to happen’. Creating your purpose IS about using the power of the Universal Law sub-laws.  When you stop forcing – your purpose will manifest with far greater ease then you ever imagined.

Do you know the 16 Universal sub-laws?

If not, [click here] to watch this free video I put together for you.

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Kristen Bio:

Kristen is known as the ‘Go Big Coach’ and her teaching is a combination of Universal Laws and Inspired Action with Strategies of Success.  She has personally used the power of the Universal Laws to succeed in one of the hardest industries out there – as an actress on Broadway, film and TV and to literally have businesses and opportunities manifest out of, what seemed like nowhere, to live the life of her dreams and become financially free.

Kristen actively reaches thousands, worldwide with her programs and online magazine ‘the law of attraction key”. She helps her students have massive breakthroughs and transform their lives and her ultimate mission is to raise the vibration of the Universe by helping as many people as possible achieve true, balanced and ultimate success and joy by working from the inside out.

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A Compass to Opportunity

By Anne Trager, the founder of Le French Book

Do you sometimes doubt you’ve made the right choice? Doubt the outcome will be as you expect? How does it make you feel? How do you react? Have you ever thought of doubt to be a compass pointing to new opportunities?

Any undertaking, any road to success is full of unexpected events, bumps, unanticipated turns. In the past year that I have been building an international publishing company, many things have taken me by surprise.

Well, when the surprises are good ones, I have felt elation and power. I have known that I am on the right track.

But then there are other moments, when I didn’t exactly know how things are going to turn out.  When doubt slipped in. When I asked, “Are we doing the right thing? Will things take off? Can we make this work?”

Doubt can be paralyzing. It tightens your muscles and can keep you from moving forward. But creativity is about movement.  I like to think of it like water, which when it flows always finds a way to go where it can go. But how exactly can you keep that flow when in the midst of uncertainty?

One day, a friend who is a successful graphic designer in Paris gave me a simple four-step process that really helps.

1) Sit down and visualize your doubt as separate from yourself, like a person sitting in front of you.

 2) Dialogue with that doubt. Ask where it comes from and what it can teach you.

 3) Walk away and let this new information sink it.

 4) Look around for new doors to open.

This exercise works surprisingly well to dissipate the tension. I like its simplicity. It helps me to no longer identify with the doubt, but to put it to contribution. It helps me to see the other opportunities out there. It reminds me to look for them. Then doubt becomes empowering too.

Le French Book has set out to publish “French books you’ll love in English.” Their latest release, a prizewinning international bestseller, is now in English: The 7th Woman. It’s a gripping thriller set in Paris. The book is at a reduced price for a limited time, it comes with lots of gifts and prizes, and a last chance to win that trip to France.

Anne Trager loves France so much she has lived there for 26 years, and just can’t seem to leave. It’s not the baguettes that keep her there (she’s sans gluten), but a uniquely French mix of pleasure seeking and creativity. Well, that and the wine. After 25 years’ experience in the translation business and 15 in publishing, she decided it was time for her to focus on the books she loves to read and bring them to a broader audience, and she founded the digital-first publishing house Le French Book.

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