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Welcome! On behalf of the entire team at The S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Training), I want to thank you for connecting with us. In our fourth year of business, through our various programs, we are literally thousands of women world-wide strong and growing daily!

Once we women become empowered, we can bring peace of mind into our relationships and our guys will be much more interested in getting involved on a personal level. Country by country, the world will wake up to the realization that once we are all equal ... all empowered ... there will be no need for struggle, suffering, and strife.

Be sure to download our Student Handbook. You'll love discovering all of our exciting opportunities—even if just for your own personal empowerment! Plus, get ready to CHAT LIVE NOW with one of our Student Advisors—a graduate of the program!



Crystal Andrus
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