The Emotional Edge

The Emotional Edge empowers you to stop knee-jerk reacting in ways that hurt and instead start expanding your life to become the greatest expression of you possible.  Once you know your Emotional Age, you can take any needed steps to become an authentic adult so you stop giving your power away.

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Simply…Woman! – The Original Self-Published Version


Simply…Woman! is a week-by-week body/mind/soul total transformation program that encompasses every facet of a woman’s life. From her daily demands and frustrations to her wants, needs, and fears, this revolutionary plan elevates the experience of weight loss far beyond the physical. With 70 steps, …

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We all want success. Everyone desires a body, health, income, relationship, home, career, sensuality, and spirituality that they love. We all want to feel empowered, strong, and inspired. We all want to experience abundance, joy, and love. Some of us achieve it (or at least part of it), while others endure one letdown after …

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Transcendent Beauty

At the moment of conception, our soul fills us with a radiant light, as it gently whispers into every cell of every baby girl that we are beautiful. But as our mind begins to develop, a new voice begins to emerge: that of the ego. This voice tells us what we “should have done”, what “must look like”, or how we “need to be”. It can talk …

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