Ego is Not Always the Guy Who Has to Be Right

ego empowerment empowerment coach persona real you shadow wounded you May 03, 2021

Ego is such a misunderstood term. Having an Ego isn't always about being the big, loud, overbearing guy who has to be right.

Ego is simply the persona we've chosen to play.  This is most often an unconscious choice. The purpose of our Ego is to protect us in the best way we *believe* we can.

Your Ego may be the Wallflower or the Victim. It could just as easily be the Rescuer or the Drama Queen.

Once you can recognize there is a difference between the Real You and your Ego, you can begin to dialogue with it and eventually make peace with it so that the Real You can become your true persona, and run the show! If you knew who you really are, you'd be in awe of your Self!

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