Is it Anxiety or Excitement? Fear or Desire?

anxiety coaching desire emotional age emotions empowerment empowerment coach excitement fear feelings map of empowerment Mar 09, 2021

We all know that feeling. The feeling that creeps up while you’re lying in bed the morning of a busy day or while getting prepared for something that puts you out of your comfort zone.

Often, we call this feeling anxiety. It’s a word we’ve all grown to hate. We let it consume our thoughts, ruin our day, and leave us feeling crippled. But, have you ever considered that what you’re feeling is actually excitement? 

Fear is right beneath desire on the Map of Empowerment, and although they may seem entirely different, they can feel very similar in our bodies. 

For example, pretend you’re getting ready for an important job interview. Maybe your hands are getting clammy. You might be going over all your answers in your head. You may be telling yourself that your chest feels tight with anxiety and that you don’t want to blow it. Instead, try telling yourself that those butterflies are because you’re EXCITED. You’re excited about the future. You’re excited about the unknown, and you feel good things are coming. 

When you shift your perception of your feelings around anxiety, you’ll begin to climb the ladder, from fear into something much more empowered… desire.  A good way to remind yourself is by telling yourself "feelings are not facts, they simply tell us where we are resonating."

And as Napoleon Hill wrote in the great book, Think & Grow Rich, “A burning desire is the root of all achievement!"

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