Let Your Charmer and Your Puritan Chat

charmer coaching dialouge empowerment coach journal joy map of empowerment puritan talking with yourself Mar 30, 2021

Though many people don't like to admit it, within all of us, we each have different "versions" of ourselves.

And throughout our lives, we've decided which versions were acceptable and which versions had to be buried away. Maybe this was your "Charmer", your "Puritan", your "Chubby-Bubby", or your "Scared Little Girl". Or maybe you haven't named her yet.

There is probably at least one version of yourself that comes to mind right now. It might feel easiest to leave that part of ourselves buried. Maybe she gets you into trouble, or maybe she has a wicked temper. However, in order to truly be happy, and to climb the Map of Empowerment, we must "heal the split."

We must let the part of ourselves we hate the most arise and understand who she is, and what she needs.

Ask her:

  • When did I decide to disown you?
  • How old was I?
  • What was happening in my life?
  • Where are you buried?
  • Why am I so afraid of you, your personality, and your needs?
  • What emotions do you feel?
  • What are you here to teach me about where I'm neglecting or hurting myself?
  • Where do I need to embody a little more of you in my life?
  • What parts or versions of me are most afraid of you?
  • Why are you so afraid of me becoming my full Self?
  • What do I need to do to allow you to relax and let the real me take care of things?

It's time to start naming your "parts", putting faces to them, learn to understand them and let them get to know each other. To learn more about our programs and resources, visit https://www.swatinstitute.com

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