🎬 Watch Episode 1: How to Put Yourself Out There, Without Fear of Rejection

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SimplyWoman.tv Episode One: Britta Aragon and Crystal Andrus Morissette

To kick off our very first episode, I've asked Master Purpose and Vision Coach at the S.W.A.T. Institute, Britta Aragon, to join me to talk about a topic that hurts many women and their happiness, hopes, and dreams: FEAR OF REJECTION! In fact, when we polled all of the women in our world, ➡️ FEAR OF REJECTION was THE TOP result for the thing that women believed was holding them back or keeping them stuck. ⬅️ And we're diving right in.

If you don't know Britta, she is an absolute brilliant businesswoman and a vibrant light who truly inspires me every day. If you've had a chance to tune into one of our webinars with Britta or chat with her personally, then you know what I'm talking about. Not only is this topic something that so many women struggle with, but it's also something that Britta helps her clients overcome every day. And we want to help you do just that!


A Bit About Britta: 

Britta Aragon helps women dismantle their fears and self-limiting beliefs so they can create a life beyond their wildest dreams. A Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer survivor, Britta wrote her first book, When Cancer Hits, in 2012. At 40, Britta took her own huge leap of faith, leaving her marriage and selling her million-dollar business; she put all her belongings from her NYC apartment in a storage unit except two suitcases. Over the next 18 months, she solo travelled to 12 countries and reclaimed the life her soul was searching for. Now, living in Miami, Florida, Britta spends her days walking the beach, planning her world-class destination retreats, and guiding women to living their most authentic truth.  There's really no one quite like Bri!



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Thanks for being here!


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