🎬 Watch Episode 4: The BS of the Beauty Industry + Lisa LaFlamme, CTV

Aug 31, 2022

I invited social PR strategist Jennifer Ettinger to SimplyWoman.TV for this inspiring episode that I'm so excited to share with you. 

We talked about: 

  • Lisa LaFlamme 
  • Body image
  • Self-acceptance
  • The BS of the beauty industry 

Did I mention that Jennifer worked at CTV for years and covered many of their red carpet interviews for the Oscars and Grammys? She gets this first hand. 

I think you're going to love it. We're talking about patriarchy, internalized misogyny, the pressures to be thin, young, and beautiful, and what happens to women as they begin to age and maybe even get GREY hair. 😳 



A Bit About Jennifer: 

Jennifer Ettinger has worked with women across the globe to embrace self-acceptance and body image. She has built a brand around "body confidence" on television as a guest expert, magazine contributor, through her TV shows, and with her best selling book, "Find Your Inner Goddess."

Jennifer has "earned her stripes" on the subject of self-love and body confidence. She attended the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology with her natural "J-Lo," before the body of J-Lo was universally accepted and coveted. "I felt tremendous insecurities as a woman," I was made fun of and jeered at by strangers," due to my curves because my shape was different.

As she attempted to deal with all the stressors in her life, she became bedridden for a year with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. At one point, she turned to extreme dieting, diet pills, and laxatives to change her body.

She reclaimed her health through the healing modalities Holistic Healing and Self Care. (A Holistic Approach refers to addressing the entire person, which includes physical, mental, and emotional health). She learned about "Self Love," and healing acceptance from the "Inside-Out."

Jennifer shares: "I had an epiphany with my mentor. I could NOT change the outside appearance of my health and my body until I addressed the insecurities and unbalance of my "inside." Picture Ettinger has been practicing holistic studies for 28 years. She has been a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise for the last 18 years. Jennifer was named one of 10 top Canadian Women who are changing the world in 2021 by Optimyz magazine. She was awarded CV Magazine's 2018 Social Media Specialist of the Year Award and nominated again in 2019. She was also named one of Canada’s top 100 Health Influencers by OptiMyz Magazine in 2018, 2019 and 2021. She, too, was nominated for a WEGO Health Award created to recognize and honor those making a difference in the online health community. In addition, Ettinger was nominated for the 25th and 30th annual RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards.


You can connect directly with Jennifer: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JenniferEttingeratFitYourStyle/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fityourstyle/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fityourstyle 


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P.S. The intro/outro music is by my lifelong best friend and the most talented musician I know, Natalie Hughes: http://nataliehughes.com/


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