🎬 Watch Episode 8: Reinventing Yourself Without Losing Your Cool

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Are you ready to "reinvent yourself" and create a life that focuses on your needs and wants, but you aren't sure how?

Tune in for this fun and inspiring SimplyWoman.TV episode as I chat with best-selling author (and longtime friend), the wonderful Shantelle Bisson, for a fun and inspiring conversation called, 🎬 Reinventing Yourself Without Losing Your Cool. 🙏

Tune in as we chat about:

💖 The challenges of losing yourself in motherhood

💖 Shantelle's latest book, Loving Yourself Without Losing Your Cool

💖 Reinventing yourself

💖 Letting go of your past

💖 Moving into your future with purpose

💖 And much more! 


A Bit About Shantelle: 

Three-time award-winning author Shantelle Bisson was born and raised in Toronto and splits her time between her home in Toronto, her cottage and her marina that she purchased in 2018, Shantilly's Place, in the Kawartha region of Ontario. Her third book 'Loving Yourself Without Losing Your Cool' is structured by Shantelle's own personal omissions -- she lays herself bare, taking readers on a personal journey to exorcise their demons. Shantelle teaches readers how to analyze the lessons learned in each phase of life, how to go back to your past and address the things that made you who you are, all while approaching letting go of challenging life experiences. Spoiler alert: the book ends with you loving yourself more than you thought you could.


You can connect directly with Shantelle:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shantellebisson + https://www.instagram.com/withoutlosingyourcool

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@shantellebisson + https://www.tiktok.com/@withoutlosingyourcool 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shantellebissonofficial 

Website: https://shantellebisson.com/



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Thanks for being here!



P.S. The intro/outro music is by my lifelong best friend and the most talented musician I know, Natalie Hughes: http://nataliehughes.com/

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