What is Your Emotional Age?

 Grab a pen + paper and listen to Emotional Age Expert, Crystal Andrus Morissette read 20 fun questions, along with 3 possible answers to each question & discover your Emotional Age. Choose the answer that most represents your typical reaction.

There are no wrong answers here, no need to try to figure out how to respond in the most politically-correct way. These are questions to help you better understand what is standing between you and the most vibrant, dynamic, invigorated life possible!

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Emotional Age Quiz 

Along with this quiz (that's been featured 3x on Oprah.com), start paying attention to how you respond to any challenges that come your way.

Remember that there are no wrong answers and no wrong way of behaving right now; just make an honest evaluation of how you respond to others in a variety of situations.

If you are gentle and truthful with yourself, you’ll quickly identify whether you’re in an empowered Adult versus feeling more like a Parent or Child in all your relationships.

Find out Your Emotional Age!

Once you've watched the video and written down your response to each question, you'll want to pop your name and email in to get your results.

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