What is SimplyWoman.TV?

Women walk this earth in complex heels, which means we often feel out of balance, exhausted, and even hurt. Why is it hard to put our needs and dreams first? Why don’t we take better care of ourselves? Why can’t we tell ourselves the truth? Why do we feel so guilty? 

SimplyWoman.TV is a show for women, by women, about women hosted by me (Crystal). It’s full of wisdom, wonder, and fun ideas to help you create a life you love. 

Along with the passion and talent of my team, we're bringing a 25-year-old dream of mine to fruition. We're beyond thrilled to have an audience of all ages in over 45 countries and growing. We've got serious work to do, ladies! Yet, let's not take ourselves too seriously.


Crystal Andrus Morissette
Founder of the S.W.A.T. Institute

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🎬 Watch Episode 9: The Body Keeps Score + Parenting Peacefully

with special guest, Dimple Arora

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🎬 Watch Episode 8: Reinventing Yourself Without Losing Your Cool

with special guest, Shantelle Bisson

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🎬 Watch Episode 7: When Enough is Never Enough: Food Addiction

with special guest, Sandra Elia

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🎬 Watch Episode 6: Dear White Woman Who Wants to Be Like Me

with special guest, Asha Frost

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🎬 Watch Episode 5: From Hot Mess to Overnight Success (p.s. Not Really!)

with special guest, Kim Fitzpatrick

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🎬 Watch Episode 4: The BS of media + Lisa LaFlamme, CTV

with special guest, Jennifer Ettinger

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🎬 Watch Episode 3: How to Retrain Your Brain For Happiness & Success

with special guest, Shonté Jovan Taylor

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🎬 Watch Episode 2: Where Are All the Good Men & Why is Dating Hard

with special guest, Charlene Byars

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🎬 Watch Episode 1: Put Yourself Out There Without Fear of Rejection

with special guest, Britta Aragon

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Upcoming Shows 

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Women + Weight

The messages women receive about weight and our bodies, as symptoms of a larger patriarchal disease, are designed to keep women weak. 

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Menopause + Menozest

For any woman who is getting older, she knows the difference in the way the world treats her. It's time to blow the lid off of that lie, isn't it!?!

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The Mother Wound

Although many of us have a complicated relationship with our dads, we can't heal without dealing with the story we have with our mothers.

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